Sunday, May 18, 2008

Reader Benefits: Why it pays to be a 1001 Noisy Cameras Reader!

Yes, we have a comprehensive benefits package for our readers, but we can't offer health insurance or 401k :) But what can we offer, and why should you be reading this crazy blog?

1. You can be one of the 1001 Noisy Readers and promote your website, blog, galleries, and such.

2. You can promote your photos by adding them to this blog's Flickr Photo Pool. From there, the Flickr computers randomly select pictures and that get featured in the rotating Reader's Picture Showcase.

3. Free subscription! No, we won't print the whole blog and mail it to you, but we are offering  the full-text RSS feed for our readers. FREE of course!

4. You can network with this blog or the other readers and interconnected blogs and websites. Don't underestimate the value of networking!

5. We occasionally run into some good bargains from reputable places. They are part of the Noisy Shopper category!

6. If you have a local camera shop, you can feature it in the Support your local camera shop initiative.

7. You can have an impact on this blog, you can decide blog features, or influence decisions or participate in polls such as the DSLR Playoffs. Look for all the user-input posts under the Interactive category.

8. Your website or blog could be featured in the now weekly Discover New Sites and Blogs feature. And if you have an RSS feed, let us know, and we will add it to the pool of sources for the Noisy Situation Room or the minimalist ten stories only.

9. You can have a bigger influence on this blog than on most other websites. Your purchases through this blog are a vote of confidence. That's why you don't see "punch the monkey", Flash, full page ads, snakes and ladders, paid reviews, paid placements, and such in this blog.

10. We keep the comments section unmoderated most of the time, unless there is a wave of spambots that break through the "captcha". This way your comments get posted right away. No need to wait! You can also subscribe to the comments of that particular post, so you'll be notified when someone responds. Spam comments and other inappropriate comments are deleted promptly in order to keep the comments section functional.

11. We have trackbacks enabled, so if you discuss any of our posts on your blog/site, then you should see a trackback link under the post here, assuming the Blogger trackback mechanism is able to detect it.

12. And last but not least, look under your chairs! There is a brand new Nikon D3 with a gift certificate for any 10 Nikkor lenses of your choice!

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