Sunday, May 25, 2008

Something is different at 1001 Noisy today

Isn't it? It is the change in the navigation buttons at the top of the blog, right under the green blog name. We replaced the Javascript buttons which IE did not like,

with standard HTML links that all browsers like. If you miss the old buttons please let us know, and we'll try to find a way to resurface them!

Update! Part II of the change is now complete, the new "papyrus/LOTR" buttons are now in place in the top middle of the screen, replacing the old text-crowding block.

So now if you click on the papyrus-font buttons (the ones that look like Lord of the Rings), you will get a page with the latest posts from their respective categories (tags/labels): Rumors, New DSLR announcements, News, Reviews, New Camera Announcements, and Noisy Shopper (Deals). The only one that is not a link at the moment is the "HOT" button. We'll think of something for that :)

So the new buttons are adding navigation shortcuts to those categories. Part III will be trying the now removed Javascript drop-down menus in the sidebars. Expect minor discomfort if you happen to load the page in between the updates :)

Update IIIb The drop-down javascript menus are now at the top of the left sidebar. We updated the update! This will be fine-tuned in the next few days. We may do two per line or keep them at one per line. We'll have to do a lot of word-smithing ot get them to line-up properly (two per line) :)

So what do you think about all the new changes? Keep them or hit undo early and often? :)


Canon Blogger said...

IE? What's that? Who in their right mind would use that p.o.c. anyway? LOL Just kidding, but my vote is to bring the drop-down menus and js back. Browsers should be designed to display the content, not be a function of design limitations, and IE (Microsoft) better get with it or they will be left behind in the years to come. FF is making huge inroads, Safari, Thunderbird and others are starting to dent their proliferation too!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the comments! Firefox is of course the official browser of this blog.

IE in this case was more the straw that broke javascript's back in that particular spot. That spot was earmarked for remodeling a few weeks ago.

I'll probably test the drop down JS menus on one of the sidebars when I get around to re-organizing them.