Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sony shows full-frame flagship in Canada (almost there?)

This excellent Sony SLR Talk dpreview thread shows the new Sony flagship full frame DSLR as shown in Canada, at Henry's in Toronto! Be sure to also check the rest of the discussion as the Minolta-Sony users are discussing this in detail. Keen-eyed Minolta veterans are also spotlighting the differences between the PMA and the Henry's models.

As you probably know already, Sony is planning to announce a flagship DSLR this year, using the new 25mp Exmor sensor. This of course is a 35mm full-frame DSLR, the first for the Sony-Minolta-Alpha mount.

And of course this is of interest to Nikonians, as there is a sensoric (word?) connection between Sony and Nikon. Will this (or a version of this sensor) also be the sensor of the new Nikon D3X?

The last rumor we recall on the Nikon front was a dual D3X and D10 release (or announcement) coming up, both 35mm full frame DSLRs. The D10 intended to fight off the Canon 5D Mark I and presumably II.

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