Thursday, May 22, 2008

Splash into me (new Pentax Optio W60 announced today!)

The day started with two new Fujis, but now Pentax splashes on a new Optio model, a highly anticipated follow-up to the Optio W30 among fans of the Optio W-series. The camera has been added to our list of all new digital cameras of 2008.

Meet the Pentax Optio W60
The Pentax USA press release can be found at the Imaging Insider!

As expected, Pentax continued the trend of going to the marketing-friendly 10mp 1/2.3" sensor. But Pentax upgraded the lens in this model, compared to the previous W-series model. They have gone to a 5x optical zoom lens, and as a bonus for fans of wide angle, it is starting at 28mm. Hooray!

Of course the main draw of this camera is its tough cookie features, like waterproofness, and low temperature tolerance, and water repellent coating on its lens.

Pentax has gone from the silly slogan of "the official camera of the internet" to actually using the internet effective. The camera is already up and featured on the Pentax Imaging website. With detailed specifications too! Not all manufacturers are able to co-ordinate their press releases with their webmasters, so kudos to Pentax for doing so :)

The monitor is a 2.5" LCD, it uses SD/SDHC, 720p movies, super macro, and is powered by the rechargeable Li-Ion D-LI78 battery.

As expected it has scene modes galore, and all the latest trendy features such as face recognition, fart recognition, smile capture, and blink detection.

Starting price in the USA is $330 and expected delivery, assuming no battery shortages (ouch!), is July.

Pre-ordering the Pentax Optio W60
We checked at Amazon again and found the W60 available for pre-ordering for $330 with an early August 2008 shipping estimate. Amazon's estimates can be conservative at time. Find out more at

Coverage of the Optio W60 announcement on the net
The Pentax USA press release can be found at the Endless Years, including pictures of the blue version of the W60.

Pentax site Pentax Life takes a look at the latest Optio announcement as well!

Pop Photo covers the news and has a nice sized picture of the W60. The marketing people were smart, the color of the camera matches its application, frolicking in the water!

The W60 is also available in silver, and Imaging Resource includes pictures of the silver edition in their coverage.

More on the W60 at Photography Blog, including a "wet" picture of the W60, and at Let's Go Digital with both silver and blue pictures, wet and dry.

Update from Japan (June 4, 2008)
Hoya-Pentax has announced the Optio W60 in the Japanese market and there we learn that the initial (monthly) production output will be 20,000 units per month. Japan also gets a pink version, apart from the two mentioned above. It is expected to ship in early June 2008 for around 40,000 yen. Or as the computer-translator says, four ten-thousand :)

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