Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Teaser: Expect a very dramatic Camera Charts tomorrow morning!

We rarely do teasers for the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts Soap Opera, but this time we have to prepare you for the shocking moves in the Top 25 that are coming up tomorrow. Yes, if you close your eyes and think for a few seconds, you will guess right, it is the Canon Instant Rebates that are causing photographers to jump into the EOS River. You have to wait until tomorrow for the Charts, but you can read more on the bargain aspect in yesterday's Noisy Shopper Express.

For our newer readers who may not be not familiar with this on-going digital camera soap-opera, the Camera Charts is a stand-alone blog that takes a snapshot to snapshot look at the best selling digital cameras at Amazon. Alone the individual snapshots don't tell much, but if you follow them for a period of time you start seeing patterns and trends (and stars). Plus, the "snapshots" are more than just snapshots, they are using some form of a secret weighing-average algorithm, which makes them more valuable. But you have to ask Amazon for the secret formula :)

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