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Week in review (May 18-25, 2008)

Welcome to another weekly rewind. Another week has gone by, time to recap the week that was here at 1001 Noisy! We managed to churn 25 new posts during the last seven days.

New Digital Cameras this week
Pentax threw cold water on its new camera, and that was okay, because the camera is both waterproof and coldproof. The new camera is the highly anticipated (among waterproof fans) follow-up to the Optio W30, which missed the 40s refresh (M40, A40, E40, etc). But now the new Optio W60 comes with a 5X optical zoom lens that starts at 28mm wide. Hooray!

Fuji announced two new cameras in Europe, one of which was also announced in Japan, and zero in North America. The cameras? The LiIon Z200fd and the AA-based A850. Both using standard sensors, not SuperCCD.

Ten Things that are ruining Photography Today!
With so many "Big Pixel" appeasers and apologists out there, we had to give the "Big Pixel" a reality check in Ten Things that are ruining photography today. Interestingly, Google Adsense somehow figured it out and posted an ad for the Colber(t) Repor(t)! It looks like Adsense has a sixth sense after all!

This was also featured at Epic Edits and also made it to the front page of Photography Voter and the Imaging Insider. One of our readers altruistically decided to take all the blame and we applaud him for his bravery!

Canon and Pentax Instant and Mail-in Rebate Week
Canon launched their instant rebates last Sunday, and as promised, we waited for the dust to settle before posting a detailed listing of the Canon Instant Rebates. Also there, a $50 mail-in rebate for those who upgrade to a 40D/5D while having a Digital Rebel!

Pentax itself jumped into the Rebate pool, with traditional mail-in rebates that can be stacked, with up to five per household for maximum savings of $375. Detailed coverage as well. You see, we are not always drinking the Canon and Nikon Koolaid! Oh but we do love the Lemon-Orange Nikon kool-aid ;-)

Canon Instant Rebates cause havoc!
Well, okay, that was too dramatic, but the Canon Instant Rebates boosted the EOS 40D and 5D, and when we did the latest Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts soap-opera update on Thursday, the two Canon 40D kits jumped to #5 and #11, with the more expensive kit (with the EF 28-135) surprisingly perhaps being the one at #5, on sale for $1130.

Two impact reviews this week
We had two impact reviews by dpreview, first they posted the Sigma DP1 review, and then we had a duet review by Phil and Simon, of the Canon Digital Rebel XSi 450D.

Digital-Only Lenses, the Saga Continues
The journey of discovery never ends, but that's a different subject. The discovery of new sites and blogs is now a weekly feature. See what sites we discovered and visited this week. The sites may be new to you, or new to me, and they could be ten years old or ten days old. The web is huge!

We continued with the on-going digital-only lenses series, with round-ups of the digital-only lens line-ups of Sony Minolta Alpha DT, and Pentax DA K-Mount. Olympus is next, which should be posted mid-week next week, unless of course there are any breaking news or dramatic rumors, or some other things that derails us from our fragile plans.

Regular Features
All apologies to fans of the Photography Soup as we were unable to post as many episodes in recent weeks. But for such occasions, we have set up a "digital Photography Soup", the Noisy Situation Room.

We did have a special edition of the Photography Soup, with all content coming from You Tube. All apologies for wasting your broadband bandwidth. We usually only waste your dialup bandwidth :)

We had a Noisy at Nite late round-up, where among other things, we talked about the Monday edition of the Digital Camera Charts with the Panasonic TZ-series making noise in the top 25 (oh what an unfortunate and unintended pun) with three different models. And by models, we mean retail models, since they are available in multiple colors, such as silver, black, or blue, and each one is a different retail model.

And then we had another one mid-week to recap all the excitement which included the three new cameras, and the impact of the Canon Instant Rebates.

We also posted the ten most popular stories among subscribers and for RSS geeks we also talked about the various rss news readers used. Ironically, the Windows RSS and Mac OS X RSS readers are locked in a near-tie at the #5 spot!

If you missed last week's weekly round-up, you can relive the week of May 12 to 18, 2008 through the bytes of 1001 Noisy.

New Experimental Features
We alpha-tested a new feature that offers a round-up of digital camera specials in the Sunday newspapers circular ads. Time will tell whether this will become a regular feature or not. Let us know if you like it!

Reader Picture Showcase
We thank our readers for their support, and one of the ways we do this is by showcasing their pictures in the Reader Picture Showcase, powered by Flickr, using a Flickr Photo Pool and the standard Flickr pool. If you have any suggestions or recommendations on how to improve or expand this, please let us know!

And speaking of which, we have an answer to a question that was never asked: What are the benefits of being a 1001 Noisy Cameras Reader? Do we offer bagels every morning? A Nikon D3 under every reader's chair? Casual Fridays? Read on to find out!

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