Sunday, May 11, 2008

Week in review (May 5 to 11, 2008)

If it's the weekly rewind, it must be Sunday! No need for calendars! Toss them out the window :) This was a "quiet week" in terms of new equipment but it didn't stop us from filling up the pages with new posts ;-)

Lens Love!
We featured the PhotoZone review of the Sony Minolta Alpha Carl Zeiss 24-70 f2.8 SSM as an impact review. We also launched a new multi-part series, taking a look at the digital only lenses, starting with the first part to be posted on Tuesday and featuring the Nikon-mount digital-only (DX) lenses.

Market updates
As usual we had the Monday and Thursday updates of the Amazon Top Selling Digital Camera Charts, an on-going snapshot to snapshot soap opera looking at the most popular digital cameras sold at

Our now regular Weekend Shopper spotlighted our alternative Mother's Day gift guide, along with multi-tiered Sony DSLR specials at OneCall.

We also took a look at which cameras were featured in the Ritz/Wolf Summer 2008 catalog. Nikon "won" by having more pages than any other manufacturer, which was a bit of a surprise since their Coolpixies are trailing the Powershots and Cybershots. Now if they named them "Nikon Coolshots" instead they would probaby be on par with the Powershots and Cybershots. It's all in the name ;-)

Around the Internets
Pioneer Photography had a brilliant idea that generated 3700 blog comments in just 11 hours, and those hours were in the middle of the night. How did they do it?

We took a few walks on the internets this past week, discovering new sites and adding web2.0 spices to them, and rounding up stories from the Imaging Insider.

We also had a new edition of the Photography Soup, an anything goes round-up, and a new edition of our late night round-up, Noisy at Nite, where we discussed rumors of a potential Canon G10 and the upcoming new Canon CMOS sensors.

We also launched a new variation of the forum digest, the touring edition, where we visit various photography forums, and feature one thread of interest from each forum.

But wait, there's more, the most popular among subscribers round-up returned, featuring the posts that were the most popular among our RSS subscribers. You can  become a subscriber too, it is FREE to subscribe, and the news readers are free too! One of these days we will do a big post on the various RSS reader options. In the meantime, here is another free online newsreader, Feedreader 3.

We blog, you decide
To make Big Mondays more fun, we asked our readers to decide which story to write and post on Monday May 12, 2008. You can still vote, as your votes will help us decide which other stories from the list to post, or whether not to post them ever. The winner for Monday is *drum roll* the Photography Show TV Listings, which will be posted tomorrow (Monday).

But wait there's more!
We had a few more posts this week, a ground-breaking DIY self-help-destruct feature on how to frak your next camera purchase. We also had a semi-scifi post on fakearazzi, but one of our readers commented that this is already happening!

We also covered the discussion of Sony's showing of a new A900 flagship DSLR at Henry's in Canada, and praised LOST for preserving the DSLR time line by showing a Nikon D100 on a scene that took place in 2005, which was the correct camera model to use at that time.

We also added a new "Table of Contents" type feature where you can see our 100 most recent post titles all in one page. We thought we'd stop at 100, since this blog has over one thousand posts and that would be a really really long page.

If you missed the previous week's round-up or posts, you can catch up with last week's weekly review.

Last but not least we are offering all our readers a brand new car filled with every DSLR body and lens ever made! Just look under your chair, you will find our special giveaway right next to the Oprah "Book of the Month" ;-)

Behind the scenes updates
You can get behind the scenes updates and tentative blog plans for the 1001 Noisy blog by href="">following 1001 noisy on Twitter. There we just posted our blog plan for the next three days. All Twitter posts are 140 characters or less, so we are forced to keep it short - not an easy task!

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