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Weekend Shopper: Mother's Day is almost here

Welcome to our weekly "Reader Choice" Weekend Shopper feature, where we post cameras and equipment of interest for shoppers and bargain hunters out there. And remember you can help this blog continue ticking by making your purchases through this blog. Or if you prefer, you can make a donation.

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We start with our Alternative Mother's Day Gift Ideas. Wherever you look , you see pink ultracompact cameras presented as the ideal choices for mothers. Well, please stop the santa clausification of Moms! They are real people, some are expert photographers, some are advanced amateurs, some are casual users, some are beginners, some cling to their trusty film cameras, some don't like photography. A small pink ultracompact is not the ideal choice for every mom out there :)

New specials
The Panasonic FX12 silver is now down to $165 at Amazon. This is one of the previous FX-series models. Starting with the new 2008 models Panasonic split the FX-series into the FX-series and the FS-series. The more high-end models have the FX-name (FX35, FX500) and the remaining models are FS-series. This certainly makes it easier to sort through the various models going forward.

Continuing at $300, the S5 IS 12x superzoom continues to be a popular choice. Of course we are all anxiously waiting/expecting the next Canon superzoom move, considering the competition has already jumped to 15X, 18X and 20X.

Meanwhile the much talked about Sigma DP1 has received a small discount at Amazon, currently going for $793, instead of $800. That is a latte and a pastry at your favorite coffee shop :)

Meanwhile Four Thirds fans seem to be flipping pancakes as the 25mm f2.8 Olympus lens is making some noise in the Amazon Movers and Shakers. Not shipping yet, with the pre-order price dial set to $250.

OneCall weekend sale
The OneCall weekend sale has a number of cameras featured, including the new Fuji S1000fd 12x superzoom (sadly no IS) for $208, Canon SD770-IS black for $254 (so many Elves, so little time!), the new Nikon D60 with the new 18-55 DX VR kit lens for $675, and the Sony A700 with the 16-105 DT "digital" lens for $1500. Plus shipping and handling if applicable.

Sony Alpha DSLR + Extra Lens = Savings [EXPIRED!]
Oh those pesky equations. Pull out your calculator (or use the one in your computer), there might be some nice deals here, assuming of course you need the DSLR bodies and lenses involved. Because obviously if you don't need the cameras/lenses, then it defeats the purpose of a bargain :)

First up, buying the Sony SAL-75300 75-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens with one of a few select Sony dSLR kits gets you an additional $130 discount. Not bad considering the A200 kit (w/18-70) is $500, and the 75-300mm lens is $230. So you have $500 + $230 - $130 = $600 for the A200, 18-70 DT, and 75-300. Not bad! Other DSLR kits participating are the A300 with 18-70 DT ($600 + $230 - $130 = $700), the Alpha A350 body only ($700 + $230 - $130 = $800). So for $800 you end up with the A350 and the 75-300 lens.

A similar(ly confusing at first) special is offered for the Sony 55-200 lens. The combined purchase gets you an additional $130 off your price, effective turning the lens into a $100 lens ($230 - $130 = $100). The same DSLRs mentioned above are particiating.

Sony Alpha DSLR + Accessories = Savings [EXPIRED!]
But wait there's more. Sony is having a special promotion for people who purchase Sony DSLRs with accessories in the same order. If you get one of the Sony DSLRs listed, along with the VG-30AM battery grip, you receive $70 off the total price. Similarly getting the Sony HVLF42AM flash with select Alpha DSLRs gets you $100 off the total price. Likewise with the Sony HVLF36AM flash.

Digital Cameras of interest
Attention Target shoppers! Target currently has a $10 special on a Rayovac charger, with two AA (2100mah) and two AAA rechargeable hybrid batteries. Their hybrid batteries are of the variety that retains their charge over time, making them a good choice in cases where you don't drain the battery on a daily basis. The charger box itself does not state how long it takes to charge the batteries. We were not able to find it on the Target website, but the Rayovac site indicates this is an eight hour charger. Oh mercy! Eight hours? Come on!

The superzoomer Nikon P80 is bundled with a spare EN-EL5 LiIon battery, a case, a two-year extended warranty, and a few trinkets for $420, by Cameta on Amazon.

Looking for a variety of 11x14 digital prints at a discount? Adorama Pix has specials starting at $2.49 each and going up to $4 for Kodak Professional Metallic. Metallica CDs not included :) More details at Adorama.

Adorama is listing the Panasonic FZ18 for $300. There is a note on the product page that the camera is on the way to their warehouse and expected in a few days. So this is not if you are in a hurry and need the camera yesterday.

Also at $300 we find the Canon S5 IS at J&R World. Same price at Amazon as well. Zoom! Zoom! The superzooms are the new non-compacts these days, although even the superzooms are getting compact. But on all, as you may recall there are some giant zooms such as the Fuji S100fs, Panasonic FZ50, and the Casio speed-demon, the EX-F1, which the "Mind of Casio" decided that you should not be allowed to buy it online in the USA market (all apologies to Minolta fans).

The Canon 1D Mark III is offered by 17th Street Photo on Amazon for $4145. Be sure to check some of the online reviews of the 1D Mk III at the DSLR Review Matrix.

This post will be updated throughout the weekend with new items of interest as we run into them. But please don't wait for us to find a Nikon D3 for $999. If you wait, the calendar may say 2020 when you look up from your screen :)

For more specials, be sure to visit and bookmark the camera deals wire.

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