Saturday, May 3, 2008

What do you think about the blog template width?

As we are evaluating the blog template, we are looking for feedback from you, our readers! We are currently using a floating template that can stretch and compress depending on the window size. This template is optimized for 1280 (1280 pixels wide), but is designed with 1024 in mind. Very few of our readers are below 1024, so we are not supporting 800 pixels wide with this template.

The main question is whether we should keep it as is, or fix the template width to one of the standard sizes. A number of our readers are at 1024 so we obviously don't want to come up with something that doesn't look good at 1024. But we also have a number of readers at 1440 and wider, much wider. Obviously with a wider screen you can adjust the window/browser size, so there is some flexibility.

And a couple of tips: Adjusting the font size in your browser can help with viewing issues. If the font is too big, the columns may overflow at 1024. Decreasing the font size will put things back in order. On the other hand on wider resolution screens, when viewed at full-screen (1440 or more) the template may look disembodied. You can increase the font size to "fill in" the blank space. This blog is mostly text so it usually adjusts well to font increases/decreases. If you are having any problems, please let us know!

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