Monday, May 5, 2008

You decide the next Big Monday feature!

To make this more fun and interactive, you, the Readers, will be deciding the next Big Monday feature to be posted on Monday May 12, 2008! Here are the candidates:

Noisy U: This will be an educational/learning round-up post, with learning and educational resources. Similar in style to Earth Day 2008.

Fixed Lens Camera Price Charts: The most buzzworthy among the hundreds of fixed lens digital cameras will be featured. Some of the models are selected by us, and six of them are selected by the Readers, in this poll. You can still vote, the polls are open indefinitely. The format will be exactly the same as the DSLR Price Charts.

Update the DSLR Review Matrix: With so many review sites, and so many new DSLR models, it doesn't take much for the DSLR Review Matrix to fall behind. This is by far the most painful task, so if you want to punish us, pick this one :)

Photography Shows on TV (USA): This will be a TV Guide, TV Listings if you like, of photography shows on USA cable TV. Unfortunately we are not very familiar with other TV markets, so it would be counter-productive to attempt to cover them. This used to be a regular feature, but for some reason it fell off the ToDo List.

Photography Forums listing: This will be similar to the Who Reviews Digital Cameras list, but definitely shorter!

Other: You can write-in a different idea or vote "Other" if you are not interested in any of the above.

PS> If you are reading this in an RSS reader, you may not see the poll as it is Javascript-based.

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