Sunday, June 22, 2008

The Blog Planning Sessions

Want to know what's coming up at this blog? You are in the right place! This post shows a tentative plan for the next few days, an on-going planning session if you like.

We average about 20 posts per week, and the majority of our posts fall in these categories:

  1. Recurring posts - some are posted on specific days, others can be posted at any time. See Recurring Features below
  2. Market-driven posts - new cameras, new rumors, impact reviews, breaking news, etc. We can't plan these ;-)
  3. Special Features - some are under Special Features below, others are a surprise :)

Some of the above have been penciled in the schedule and you can see what's planned in the Blog Planning Sessions table below.

Another benefit of the planning sessions is that if you see any topics that you have written about on your blog, website or forum, you can let us know ahead of time, and we'll try to incorporate them before a post is published (we can also add them after a post is published, they are all "live documents" after all).

The Blog Planning Sessions

Starting Monday 6/30
Mondaynew Charts Soap
Rumors of Nikon announcement?
VIDI: Local Camera Shops?
TuesdayPhotography Soup (Canon Day)
WednesdayDiscover New Sites and Blogs
Most popular posts
Thursdaynew Charts Soap
FridayWeekend Shopper?
SundayWeekly Rewind
Best of Sunday paper?
Mondaynew Charts Soap
TuesdayPhotography Soup (Sony or Olympus day)
WednesdayDiscover New Sites and Blogs
Most popular posts
Thursdaynew Charts Soap
FridayWeekend Shopper?
SundayWeekly Rewind
Best of Sunday paper deals

Special Features (coming soon; soon is relative)
+ Digital-Only Lenses: Four Thirds, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina
+ Superzoom Buyer's Guide
+ More Speculation
+ things we can't/won't post here

Recurring Features
+ Blast from the Past: Topics from the past, near and far
+ Discover New Sites and Blogs: We explore new and old sites that may be new to you or me
+ DSLR Map updates: Adding new reviews as they are posted, and also adding profiles for "older" DSLRs
+ Experimental Features: On average, we try at least one new thing per week
+ Forum Digest: round-up of discussions of interest in various photography forums
+ Inside the Insider: round-up of stories of interest at the Imaging Insider
+ "Lens Talk": This is under-development, and one of the topics our readers voted for increased coverage in the polls. It will focus on lenses.
+ Most Popular posts among subscribers and readers
+ "New Charts Soap": See "The Charts" below
+ Noisy at Nite: lightweight round-up, usually posted at night, silliness +2 EV
+ Photography Soup: general or special interest round-ups
+ RAWSumer news: at the RAWsumer blog
+ Reader Picture Showcase: Flickr widgets shows random pictures from our Flickr pool
+ The Charts: top selling cameras from around the net and the world. There are two types, stand-alone installments and also the on-going Amazon Top Sellers soap-opera (updated on Mondays and Thursdays, aka "new Charts Soap opera")
+ VIDI: Our Sunday faux-editiorial. VIDI is not a latin word in this case, it stands for Village Idiot Discovers the Internets.
+ Weekend Shopper: special deals for the weekend
+ Weekly Rewind: We summarize the week that was (Sundays)

Posts without question marks are more likely to happen than posts with a question-mark after their name. Needless to say, everything is tentative and subject to change :)

Please note that there may be a few posts that we won't reveal ahead of time for various reasons.

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