Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Canon 40D and Panasonic TZ-series continue to impress (Top Seller Charts saga)

Welcome to a new episode of our on-going top selling digital camera saga. If you don't want any spoilers, jump to the New Top Sellers Charts right now! Spoilers are right ahead. Stop reading now and jump away!

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As usual we have our customary screen-shot teaser showing some of the excitement! The picture is a link to the new top sellers chart.

Digital Camera Charts Analysis

  • The two Canon 40D kits continue to show staying power, which is impressive considering their price! Amazon gave in and lowered the body only price to $940, and voila the 40D body only jumps into the top 10 like clockwork, combined with a small price increase in the kit with the EF 28-135 lens.
  • The once invincible Canon Super Zooms are struggling to keep up with the in-and-out TZ-series. The S5-IS has had supply issues while the SX100-IS just hasn't been able to "inspire" the same way. The TZ-series wins 2-0 this time around, something rare.
  • And that's the other big story of course, the Panasonic TZ-series, now with two models in the Top 10! The TZ5A (blue) holds on to the #7 spot, while the TZ4K jumps into the top ten after a small price and a return to Amazon.
  • There is a shift in the momentum between the Canon G9 and the A650-IS. Two cameras that share quite a lot underneath the hood. The A650-IS just cross the $300 price and is moving on up, while the G9 is sliding down.
  • All is well again with the Canon SD1000 as it is back in stock and reclaiming its top 3 position.
  • Kodak returns to the Top 25 with the Easyshare C813 going for just $90. So much for exiting the entry-level market. This is an 8mp camera with a 3x optical zoom lens. We are not sure if it is using a Kodak CMOS sensor, which we first saw in the 5mp C513.
  • Sadly for price-fixing Sony, they continue to abstain from the Top25. Prices and availability are obviously a factor. But good news, the Sony H50 drops $50 in list price, and jumps into the Top 30.
  • This price cut gives the Sony H50 the unofficial [Top Hyperzoom] belt, ahead of the Nikon P80, and Olympus SP-570uz, all three of which are in the Top 50.
  • Knocking on the Top 25's door at #26 is the Nikon D300 body only.
  • The top non-Canon/Nikon DSLR this week is once again the Olympus E510 two-lens kit, listed in the Top 60.

Not interested in the Top Seller Charts?
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