Thursday, June 19, 2008

Canon reclaims the #1 spot, the Panasonic FZ18 zooms in! (New Camera Charts soap opera)

A brand new top selling digital cameras soap opera episode has just been posted! There is some excitement, with a new #1, a superzoom jumping in the top 10, and five DSLRs residing in the top 25.

Here is the customary screen-shot teaser, showing some of the buzzworthy action. The picture is a link to the new top sellers chart:

Canon reclaims the throne: It took a series of unfortunate events for Canon to lose the #1 spot, but now the universe is back in its place, as Canon reclaims the top spot from the militant TZ5K ;-) The TZ5 models have gone up in price at the reputable sellers, so the $270 price is now a "memory", and they sell for $290-$300 at Amazon proper (sold and shipped by Amazon itself).

Canon A590-IS reaches new high: Unlike the stock market, the Canon A590-IS has been moving on up and reached the #2 spot. Does it have what it takes to grab the #1 spot from the Elph Ixus Ixy brigade? And what's not to like about a camera that costs $160 and features PSAM and IS, among many other things?

New [Top Zoom]: And we have a new [Top Zoom] camera, no, it's not the Canon's, no not the TZ5, it's a friend from last summer, the silver Panasonic FZ18 which managed to stay in-stock long enough and maintain a $300-ish price at reputable dealers! And the FZ18K has also just entered the top 25 with a price of $295.

Canon EOS DSLRs: Both of the 40D kits are out of top ten, but they are both in the Top 15, which is quite impressing considering that they cost $940 and $1130 respectively. Thanks of course to the Canon Instant Rebates... Meanwhile the XSi 450D continues its Top 10 run with a price of $840 for the kit that includes the 18-55 EF-S IS kit lens... The 5D jumped in the Top 50 on the strength of its temporary $80 discount.

Nikon DSLRs: The alleged Nikon D700 is generating most of the buzz in the photo-forum-sphere at the moment, but in the digital camera marketplace, you can't buy the rumor, and sell the product ;-) After all Congress is going after the Futures Markets ;-) Okay, CNBC faux-talk aside, the D60 is holding steady in the Top 25 with a price of around $640 for the kit that includes the 18-55 DX VR lens. Do note that this camera (in addition to the D40 and D40x) demand focus motors in the lens for autofocus wizardry... Also holding steady in the top 25 is the Nikon D40 kit, which includes the 18-55 DX lens, which is the previous kit lens, so no VR (vibration reduction)... Meanwhile the two D300 kits are at #34 and #55 respectively, which is not bad considering their prices. But obviously nowhere near as dramatic as the 40D kits being in the top 15.

Top Non-Canon/Nikon DSLR: This once again belongs to the Olympus E510 two-lens kit which is flirting with the $600 price point. Not bad, a DSLR with sensor-shift stabilization, and two matching digital-only lenses... The next in-line is the Pentax K200D with 18-55 DA lens, and its price of about $550 after rebate is not bad considering the feature set. Currently at #62.

Top Hyperzooms: The Panasonic FZ18 duo took over the category with authority as they managed to both stay in stock and maintain a $300 price point. Did we mention they have RAW? The next one in this group is the Olympus SP-570uz, just outside the top 40, followed by the Nikon P80.

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