Monday, June 30, 2008

Countdown to a Nikon Announcement? (is a Nikon D700 coming?)

We are starting a marathon post, waiting and hoping for a Nikon announcement, the earlier the better, and the juicier the better :) Do note, that the last time we tried a countdown, it ended up being a bridge to nowhere. So don't stay up all night on our account :)

New Posts will be added in reverse chronological order, meaning the latest updates will appear first right below! The alleged specs are at the bottom of this post.

Countdown to the Nikon announcement

The marathon ends with the official announcement of the 12th new DSLR of 2008, the lovely Nikon D700.

Nikon Russia has officially announced says this dpreview thread. Direct link to Nikon Russia, in Russian. has a recap of the leaked specs so far. has an on-going discussion. Another recap at Dan's Tech-n-Stuff. It looks like everyone but Nikon has posted about the D700 :)

Sensor Update from Nikon Japan! Nikon Japan launches new FX CMOS sensor page according to Both computer-translated. There are three Flash-based diagrams posted on the Nikon Japan site. No mention of the D700 on that page however. Curious timing by Nikon Japan for sure! They are probably "LOLing" while watching us all gasping for new morsels of D700alia!

Meanwhile, throws some cold water on the Nikon D700 fire as their "London mole" says that the D700 is not coming right away, but the flash is. Obviously this is not official, but then again, nothing is official unless there is an official Nikon announcement :)

New threads springing up every few milliseconds at the Big-D dpreview forum. And speaking of which, one of the difficult tasks for the webmasters is to decide where to place the D700. Does it go with the D300/D200/D100 or does it go with the big-Ds or does it get its own forum? Perhaps the placement of the D700 may be an indicator of the shape of things to come from Nikon (wink, wink, read between the lines).

More from France, as this dpreview forum user rounds up all the coverage at Focus Numerique, which includes a PDF brochure, and GIANT pictures of the camera. Also details on the new SB-900 flash. The text is in french. The giant pictures are 750px × 836px. There are six giant pictures of the D700 shown there. Direct link to Focus Numerique (in french).

There are questions in the forums as to where to pre-order the Nikon D700. That may sound slightly premature to some, but considering a late July release date, the people who want to get it right away may have a very good point in getting in line first. An Amazon query for Nikon D700 does not show the D700 as of the time of writing (Monday 830pm New York City time), but it shows two current DSLR models and it's interesting to note that Amazon's server "knows" to show the Canon 5D Mark I first.

Time to practice your french, Focus Numerique has uploaded une video featuring a hands-on preview of la nouveau Nikon D700eaux. A link to the video at Holland Photo Studio. The camera is alive and the presenter is playing with it, in a Q&A format with a distant voice, perhaps Charlie from Charlie's Nikon Angels? :) The video is 5 minutes and 42 seconds long.

One Rangefinder forum user has decided to sell it all and go for the D700 when it comes out!

And this is a good time to take another D700 break, and a good time to post a new Top Selling Digital Camera Charts for Monday.

If you read through everything and you are hungry for more, how about a hypothetical comparison between the D3 and the D700 in the dpreview forums? And if you finish that, your homework assignment is to compare the D4X with the D800, and then the D8X with the D999X :)

MasterChong opines on the last happenings, and so does photographer Seb Rogers, and so does Nikonian Martin Joergensen, and so does Photography Bay... Have you had enough with the D700 already? If not, here is a GIANT SCAN of the magazine ad, including spec comparison between the D700 and the D3. When you look at that table, remember that thanks to Rosetta Stoned we learned that "Ja" in German means "yes", and "Nien" means no :-)

And speaking of the German Profi Foto magazine that has provided the leak, you can subscribe to it through for $140, which comes out to $14 per issue. Magazine subcription: $140. Nikon D700 leaks? Priceless :)

More reactions to the Photoscala leak: Fred Miranda forum users are discussing the new Photoscala scan. A couple are mentioning the "h word". Oh my... The Sonolta users are also discussing this at Since Sony and Nikon have the sensor-link, what Nikon uses in terms of sensors is also of interest to Sonolta users... And now a big surprise, close your eyes for 30 seconds and then look under your chair! There is a brand new Nikon D700 waiting for you... And for the spanish-speaking readers, Guofer has a long write-up on the rumors and reactions to the D700... A forum user from Berlin has a tidbit on the German magazine with the news-leak... You can practice your french on this story on the rumor at Focale Fixe... And we are now taking a sanity break for a couple of hours :)

To answer a couple of "google questions", you can't get the D700 refurbished just yet, and there are no sample pictures taken with the D700 publicly posted on the net as far as we know... We don't even know for sure that the D700 is real - until Nikon makes it so with a stroke of their PDF-pen :)

[HOT!] It is now 7am New York City time on Monday June 30 (see, nothing official BUT this dpreview forums post is pointing to a page at German website which has a scanned magazine shot of an article in German magazine Profi Foto revealing the Nikon D700 and SB900 flash that was rumored for the last few days. Early reactions in the aforementioned revealing dpreview forum thread (which I am guessing will reach 150 in just minutes) are ranging from "don't care" to "love it"... One forum user kindly provides a human translation to the German story... And if you want more discussion, be sure to check another fast-paced thread in the Nikon D3 dpreview forum and a just-started thread in the Nikon D40-D80 forum... And what do Canon users think?

This dpreview forum user was informed by a local rep in Australia that news will come out soon. That time translates to 12:30am New York City time. Translate that to your local time at

Speaking of cryptic, not sure what this means, or what language it is in. It could be anything.

Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has posted a cryptic answer to a question, just two hours ago, in the Nikon dpreview forums.

Photoclub Alpha has a guest-estimate of an expected announcement at 10:30am GMT on Monday June 30, 2008. As you know, Sony is linked to Nikon since they are their sensor suppliers.

[Developing story...] Discussed in dpreview forums.

Some fighting words among fictional D700 users and D3 users. what???

DPNotes has a brief history of D700 time. For those who may have missed the rumors of the last few weeks.

If you missed any of the previous discussions, this FM thread has a list of most of them.

If you missed any of the Nikon PC tilt-shift lens leak talk, you can get a quick recap at

Our previous round-up of Nikon D700 rumors for those who are just now getting interested in the rumoralia.

We start the marathon with a link to the world clock at, so people around the world can cross-reference the different times mentioned in various posts.

The Rumored Nikon D700 Specs

One of our readers reminded us that in the excitement of the excitement we forgot to talk about the alleged specs! So here we go:
  1. This alleged Nikon DSLR will be using a 12-megapixel FX (35mm full frame) sensor, perhaps the same or similar to the one found in the legendary Nikon D3.
  2. To make sure the complainers have something to complain about right away, the viewfinder will be 95%. "Oh why I am buying a $3000 camera with a 95% viewfinder? My "Hello Kitty is 100% and has movie mode too!"
  3. Burst mode is 5fps normal or 8fps with the use of the optional and existing MB-D10 battery grip
  4. It has a built-in flash with wireless capabilities, another entry-point for "SLR purist" complaints perhaps
  5. some sort of a sensor cleaning system
  6. price mentioned in 2600 euro
  7. about one kilogram in weight (2.2 pounds)
  8. available in late july?

For future reference, this is the permalink.


Phillip Holland said...

Thanks for the link! It's fun to watch this develop isn't it!

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome! It has indeed taken a life of its own!

Curious that Nikon Japan decided to post a "technology" page on the FX CMOS sensor today. They are playing games with us :)

Chrbia1 said...

It's official!!

I checked Nikon USA today (8:15am CST) and saw they have listed the D700 as part of their SLR line up. Here is the link:

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update chrbia1! The D700 is finally alive and official :-)