Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Digital Camera List Part II

In late 2007 we decided to undertake a giant task, to list every single current and recent digital camera as of that time. The end result was a giant post but it wasn't easy to read in our current blog format.

So now we are trying a new approach, following the design of the DSLR Map. We are using a single page that lists all current and recent digital cameras. This is live work in progress! Time-permitting we will add profiles for each digital camera, just like we do at the DSLR Map. Since there are so many digital cameras out there, we will start with the ones we deem as the "most interesting". The DSLR profiles will be linked to the DSLR Map profiles eventually.

This is a work-in-progress. But if you notice any errors, please let us know! Above is a bird-eye view screenshot teaser - click on the picture above for a larger version! Below you will find an embedded close-up, click on that to go to the actual table.

Since this in such an early stage of development, why are we publishing it? Because as it is, it can be a very good reference page for people looking for a snapshot of the current digital camera landscape.

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