Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover New Sites and Blogs", where we "discover" new sites that may be new to you, or new to me, and they could be ten years old or ten days old. We also add a Web 2.0 suggestion at the end of each paragraph. If you are not interested in Web 2.0, simply ignore the Web 2.0 references.

Foto-biz is a relatively new blog that takes a fresh approach to the photography business, with a totally uncluttered user interface, the exact opposite of this noisy blog. Stumble Upon it! is an online photographer community and soon-to-be photography book as well. It selectively features photographs by individual photographers and artists, screened by their busy crew of six. Their user interface is very picture-priority, without needless graphics and animations. Another way to describe it? A great soundtrack for Onexposure would be the new instrumental album "Ghosts" by Trent Reznor. Many people have found this site!

If you are a fan of photographer blogs that combine tips, tutorials, pictures and equipment talk, then you will love Andre Gunther Photography. Andre has tutorials on digital workflow, HDR, technical subjects (DOF, diffraction, etc), and he just got a brand new Digital Rebel XSi 450D to boot! He has already started posting an on-going review of the XSi 450D. If you like it, vote for it in Photography Voter.

If you enjoy looking at clean-cut portfolios of photographers, be sure to check, the portfolio of Francois Angers, focusing on portraits, minimalism, black+white (noir et blanc), sports and more. The site uses Flash to display the pictures but it uses Flash efficiently and effectively, something more websites should be doing if they decide they have to use Flash. Mixx it up!

Next up, we have a photographer's blog, Peter West Photo. And for Web 2.0, we have PWP's page, which includes lots of interesting tutorials and blogs. Which is where we "discovered" PWP. Stay tuned to PWP for more photographic goodies!

If you lost a camera or a memory card, chances are someone may have found it and is using it or sold it on eBay. Or, if you are lucky, they may have posted it at I Found Your Camera. This is a brilliant idea, and it's not just good on paper. They've had some success stories already! Digg it?

Stay tuned next week for a new edition. If you have a website or blog you want to see featured, just let us know. We try to feature a small number of websites per week so as to give the ones featured more ...exposure.

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