Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover New Sites and Blogs! Our Netvibes experiment has delayed our regularly scheduled programming, but now we are starting to catch up!

This is a Web 2.0 fortified edition, so each blog gets some Web 2.0 love, and now with NetVibes, they also get a bonus reference at Netvibes. Okay, enough talk how about some blogs?

You probably know of Digital Outback Photo, but did you know there is a companion site on Fine Art printing? Yes, meet Outback Print, by the people who brought to us Digital Outback Photo! Check it out. Aren't fine art prints del.ic.ious?

Portuegese photographer Candido Almeida shares his excellent and vibrant nature pictures and thoughts at Viagante Nature, his personal photo-blog. Our favorite was what we call "The Tree at the End of the World", which is the last picture on that page. If you like it, Stumble Upon it!

Let's go old school now with the grand-daddy of all forums, the born-again UseNet, residing now in the luxurious Google Server Farms. Paris Hilton is not hosting a reality show on this farm as far as we know ;-) The forum is actually active and busy and controversial too as it picks up the discussion of the Sony A350 dpreview and the Panasonic FourThirds kerfuffle. (re)Visit Oh my! Digg it?

Next we feature a Pentaxian-priority blog, The Digital Hub, where the photographer-author shares his pictures and thoughts on Pentax, photography and a lot more. If you like it, Stumble It!

How about a single website where you can discover lots and lots of new websites and blogs? A whole lot more than this post! Meet the Photography Sites directoy. There you will find the sites and blogs categorized and ready to explore. Reddit? Reddit?

We discovered this new blog in the dpreview forums. Cat fans, this is for you! Don't let the name fool you. Meow at No Cats Allowed. And some Web 2.0, Mixx it up!

Stay tuned for a new edition of DNS (Discover New Sites) next week! To revisit the previous editions, just check the Discover New Sites tag. If you have a blog to suggest or recommend for this feature, just let us know. It could be your blog/website/portfolio, or one of your favorite blogs/websites/portfolios. Submit nominations to:

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