Friday, June 27, 2008

Discover new sites and blogs (Web 2.0 fortified edition)

Welcome to a new edition of "Discover", where we feature websites and blogs that may be new to you, or new to me - and they could be 10 years old or 10 days old. All apologies for not having a new episode last week. But we have one right now! This is a Web 2.0 fortified edition. If you are not interested in Web 2.0, please ignore the last sentence of each paragraph :) [permalink]

Among the barbarian humans it might be hunting season (this sentence was not sponsored by PETA), but among the sophisticated gadgetologists, it is rumor season, with Photokina 2008 just three months away. If you like Digg, you will like It's similar to Digg in operation, but only features digital camera rumors! Digg it?

Don't you ever wonder what outdoor adventure and expedition photographers talk about? Do they count pixels like the professional pixel-peepers or talk about their pictures? One way to find out, check the Photography Forum at Have you reddit?

We discovered Digital Dilemmas through David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk. Digital Dilemmas is the blog of a professional photographer where he shares tips, tutorials and thoughts. He also has a handy list of PDF user manuals for some of the popular DSLR models. You will also notice that his blog has a rather unique five-column design. Isn't it educationally covers the latest news in the world of digital cameras and photography, with emphasis on topics that interest advanced and enthusiast photographers. Add it to your Mixx!

WyoFoto as the name suggest, is a photography site based in Wyoming. If you are a fan of mountain and outdoors photography, bookmark it now! Stumble Upon it, if you like it.

And we conclude with our customary non-photography high-tech website. This is a must bookmark for tech geeks out there. It's a cross between a shell (think Unix/Linux shell) and the Google search engine! Meet And the Web 2.0 gift for Goosh? A Technorati Fave (favorite).

And a heads-up, we will also be featuring all the websites and blogs featured in all "Discover" episodes on a single-page! Details in next week's episode!

And for those who want to find out which sites will be featured before the next post is posted, here is a hint: We do the "web 2.0 work" for each site BEFORE we post the post, so if you follow our friendfeed you can find out. Of course we "web 2.0" a lot of stuff, so you can't really be sure which sites will be featured. In other words, you will be seeing a superset :)

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