Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Download Firefox 3 today, be part of the World Record attempt! (updated)

Today is the day all Firefox fans have been waiting for! It's an organized attempt to break the world record of a software download within a 24-hour window. So tell everyone to download the new Firefox 3 today, Tuesday June 17, 2008.

For the world record attempt, the 24-hour download window begins at 10am pacific time (1pm New York City time) on Tuesday for everyone around the world. You can find out what time it is in your region via timeanddate.com. You don't have to wake up in the middle of the night for this since it's a 24-hour window. Note that this is a fixed point in time, it is not like New Year's day where we have 24 different celebrations around the world.

Download Day - English

If you want to take a sneak peek at Firefox 3 before then, release candidate 3 is available for download right now. But if you want to be part of the world-record breaking team of Firefoxies, be sure to download the official Firefox 3 version when it becomes available, starting at 10am pacific (1pm NYC time) on Tuesday (2am Wedn in Tokyo)!

You can get the latest updates by following MozillaFirefox on Twitter. Fear not, the limit is 140 characters per post, so there are no essays to read :)

Update #1
Apparently they underestimated the "love" for Firefox, their servers are slow or down, but they are comign bak up soon according to the Mozilla blog.

Update #2
The Mozilla servers are up and running again! Get yours now! The Firefox 3 download is about 8mb for Windows (english). According to the latest twit the download day began at 11:16am pacific time (6:16pm GMT), 76 minutes after the planned hour due to technical difficulties. So if you download Firefox3 during this 24-hour window, you will be part of a new Guiness World record, assuming of course Firefox3 breaks the record!

And if you needed an excuse to get a new computer, run to the store, you have plenty of time to set it up and download Firefox 3 before 11:15am pacific Wednesday :)

Update #3
Firefox 3 is now installed without problems! One more installation that gets Firefox 3 closer to the world record! And here's the proof :)

Update #4
Over 2 million world-wide downloads so far! Follow the downloads totals per country at the World Record page at Spread Firefox.

Update #5 at 920pm pacific
Firefox 3 downloads have exceeded 3 million downloads! 14 more hours to go! Get yours now!

Update #6
The 24-hour window has closed and Firefox 3 has been downloaded almost 8.5 million times!. That's right, 8.5 million Firefox 3 downloads! The Mozilla people are waiting for the Guinness Book of World Beers Records to certify the results.


mrsfixit said...


I'm trying but the page won't load.

But this probably means that tons of people are downloading Firefox 3, and that the world record will be achieved!

I LOVE Firefox, I just wish all sites were compatible with it. :-(

I still have to resort to IE at times... ugh.

Open source is the future! Now if only Linux were as easy to use as XP I could say goodbye to Micro$haft forever!!! LOL ;-)

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the update Mrs Fix It!

I've been trying to download it too but their server is overloaded, I get nothing or http 1.1 messages.

How could all the smart geeks at Mozilla not anticipate the demand? :)

We still have 22.5 hours for the world record window, so there's plenty of time.

IE is the if-all-else-fails browser for me too. Opera is nice, but not compatible with all sites either.