Monday, June 2, 2008

The DSLR Review Matrix is evolving!

The DSLR Review Matrix has grown way overcrowded with way too many DSLRs and too many review(er)s, so as we hinted earlier on, we are now "IPOing" the DSLR Review Matrix to a new developing blog, the DSLR Map.

The DSLR Map is the total opposite of this blog, it is a reference blog, with a simple two dimensional navigational structure. As the name suggests it attempts to map the DSLR market, and will be featuring profiles of each DSLR. Each profile currently has a list of DSLR Reviews, migrated from the DSLR Review Matrix. More features and information will be added over time.

The command center of the DSLR Map blog is a two dimensional table (map) that lists all the current and recent DSLRs (and digital rangefinders too) by manufacturer. The dSLRs are also divided in three loosely coupled categories which I am sure could be subject to debate, but we had to draw the lines somewhere. A partial snapshot of the Map follows:

Each DSLR family has an overview page that summarizes their current and recent DSLR line-up, with older (historical) models to be added in a later phase.

We tried to do something different with the way reviews are presented, instead of showing a giant list, we divided the reviews into three categories using a secret formula, and we are recommending that you read at least one review from each group if you wish to get more diverse opinions on each particular camera. Example follows:

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