Tuesday, June 17, 2008

If things look slightly different...

... it is because there is a minor blog template remodeling under way. Here is a recap of the changes - in case your favorite items were moved around. As regular readers know, nothing stays put in this noisy blog.

  1. The second row of the "papyrus font" buttons has moved to the bottom of the main column and some buttons in the top row were changed: added "Review Talk" and "Canon Rebates" to the top row, and moved "Situation Room" to the bottom.
  2. The big "Rumors and Speculation" block moved on up in the left column (sidebar), since we are now less than 100 days until Photokina 2008. Photokina wlll be our 2008 staycation destination ;-)
  3. We are testing smaller 125x125 ad/affiliate boxes instead of the bigger ones that took up more space. And for a limited time, you can advertise for $5 per day on the 125x125 box! Details here.
  4. We added a "donation banner" using the papyrus font at the bottom of each post. Your donations can help us stay independent and become interdependent on you ;-)
  5. The About block and Quick Links are slightly lower on the right column (sidebar), and the five most recent episodes of the Digital Camera Top Seller Charts soap-opera have moved to the top right corner.

And don't forget, today is Firefox 3 World Record Day (attempt)! Get yours in the 24-hour window that starts at 1pm New York City time. Details in the link.

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