Friday, June 6, 2008

Impact review: dpreview sings the Sony A350 review

Forgive the singing pun, but it looks like the Sony A350 is not pretty in pink :) Here is the 32-page dpreview review. Enjoy! Be sure to read each page, it will be included in the final exam ;-)

The review has been added to our on-going evolution of the DSLR Review Matrix, which now got a roomy home of its own in the DSLR Map. The review has been filed under the Alpha A350 reference page. DSLR Map uses our unique three-column review listing presentation format to help provide a more diverse group of review opinions for each DSLR.

The Alpha A350 was announced in late January 2008, along with its twin, the Alpha A300. The most notable perhaps features at announcement time were the 14mp APS-C sensor and the new live-view implementation.

Reactions to the review
Hurry up! The first review discussion in the dpreview Sony SLR Talk forum is almost full with 120+ messages as of this moment. There is a wide range of reactions to the review, some contentious as well. Also some replies and clarifications from the dpreview team members as well.

A separate thread discusses the overall rating the DSLR was given, which of course is something looked at by a lot of people, and its importance is often seen in bragging rights or hurt feelings.

A new discussion in the dpreview News forum brings up more fundamental and existential questions on DSLRs and reviews. An interesting read for sure.

And some Sony and Carl Zeiss rumors
While looking for reactions to the review, we noticed this thread talking of new Sony rumors. The thread writer talks of a June date for the anticipated Sony 35mm full frame DSLR and also of new Carl Zeiss lenses. We don't want to spoil the rumor-thread, so be sure to check it out if you are interested! The source of the rumor according to the original poster is a Sony service tech.

Sony Alpha A350 price check
You can check the A350 prices as of April 30, 2008 in our Sony DSLR Price Chart. A quick survey of the current Amazon prices shows that they are exactly the same, $800 for body only, $900 for the 18-70 DT bundle (A350K), and $1100 for the 2-lens kit (A350X). Sony of course notoriously has a "price fixing" scheme in place, so that perhaps may explain the ...fixed prices. Goodbye free markets, it was nice knowing you!

Bonus Coverage: Amazon two hour outage today
Speaking of Amazon, today it felt like 1999 as Amazon went down for a couple of hours! Tech Crunch estimates that they are losing $30K per minute of outage.

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