Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Impact review: Fuji F100fd reviewed by Imaging Resource

Imaging Resource has posted their Fuji F100fd review. The F100fd would be a "typical camera" if it wasn't for the SuperCCD 1/1.6" Fuji sensor, which inherits the reputation of the 6mp "Magic" sensor. We won't spoil their findings, so be sure to read the review if you want to find out how much "magic" this new camera/sensor combo has.

Their conclusions, which include a long list of pros and cons (we won't reveal which side is longer), is at the bottom of the main review page. Simply search for "conclusion" using your browser's search function to jump straight to the conclusions.

Further Reading on the Fuji F100fd


Amin said...

Hi, just to clarify - my three-part piece on the F100fd was actually a preview. I wanted to discuss the very interesting technology in that camera prior to its availability. Thanks again, Amin

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks! Now fixed! What a difference a single letter makes!