Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Impact Review: Pentax K20D reviewed by dpreview

Just days after the publication of the Olympus E420 + 25mm pancake review, dpreview has posted another impact review, this time of a Pentaxian camera. So without further ado, here is the 35-page dpreview Pentax K20D review. Conclusions are on page #34, but we won't reveal here whether Richard Butler found this camera to be ...Croatian!

The review has been added to the Pentax K20D DSLR Map profile page, where you can find links to twenty K20D reviews. Yes, 20+ reviews already!

Pentax K20D History
The K20D along with the K200D were subjects of many rumors before their announcement, including our crazy Countdown to the Dubai press conference in early January 2008, which ended up being a bridge to nowhere post :)

But a couple of weeks later we had leaks and leaks, and finally on January 23, 2008 the Pentax K20D was officially announced.

PS> We are testing this "history format" so we can use it as a template for the dSLR profile pages at DSLR Map. Please let us know if you like it.

Reactions to the K20D review
If you want to chime in the biggest Pentax SLR Talk dpreview forum thread, you better hurry up! It's almost full!. But fear not, there is a smaller thread and more manageable with 30+ posts. Richard Butler, the dpreview reviewer, is participating in both threads by answering questions posed by Pentaxian forum readers.

And if you love threads with lots of debate and gadgetology, be sure to check this almost-100-post Pentax K20D or Canon 5D thread. Warning: Sparks will fly!

And speaking of sparks, not, not the Footballer Wives Sparks, Olympus users are discussing the K20D review "vigorously".

Price Check
A quick price check of the Pentax K20D body-only online has found prices ranging from $1090 (Amazon, OneCall, Adorama) to $1120 (B&H Photo). The prices are before the $100 Pentax GearUp rebate. For more of these, be sure to check the Noisy Mall. [permalink]

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