Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Impact Review: Ricoh GX200 reviewed one day after the announcement!

It was only yesterday that the Ricoh GX200 was announced but today we already have its first full review at Trusted Reviews, at UK supersite of CNet proportions.

As always, we won't spoil their findings, we reserve that pleasure for you ;-) But if you are in a hurry, their conclusions are on page #4, The Verdict. All fantastic images or not? You read, you decide!

The Trusted-Reviews review is discussed in the Ricoh forum at dpreview, where you will find more GX200 threads springing up every few hours. And a forum user has "creatively adjusted" a paragraph from the press release ;-)

Look for more GX-series discussions in the specialized website and forum.

Also note that Trusted Reviews has enabled comments on their actual review pages, so you can opine directly. There are 9 comments posts as of the time of writing. They also have a forum if you prefer to discuss their review at their own forum.

The GX200 is available for pre-ordering in the US market through Adorama in two configurations, the standard GX200 kit for $600, and the GX200 + VF-1 kit for $750. The camera is expected to start shipping in July 2008.

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