Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Interview with a Pentaxian has an in-depth interview with Pentaxian and fellow blogger Ned Bunnell in their "Strategy Sessions" segment. In that interview, a number of topics are touched upon! Be sure to check it out, and come back to read the comments here.

Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read the interview, do read the interview first! A number of topics, and some hot topics are touched upon, and the answers have much less spin that one usually gets from executives. That is a good thing and consistent with the "Pentaxian" approach to the world. Of course as a company executive he has to respond from the company's perspective, not the angry forum user's perspective :)

Some of the hot topics touched upon include the market share of DSLRs, the state of the Optios, the $1 billion Hoya acquisition, ambitions (or not) to dethrone the CaNikon duopoly, K1000, Subaru (!), and much more. For all the answers, be sure to check the strategic sessions interview at

Nitpicking the interview
The only answer in my opinion that has set EV +1 on spin is the answer to the last question. The interviewer was presumably asking for nightmares :)

For those who love to nitpick because they feel the fabric of the universe will be torn to shreds if they don't, there is one typo in the interview, one place says "DLSR" instead of "DSLR".

Questions I would have asked in the 1001 Noisy Cameras Repor(t)
If I was interviewing, I would have asked him the biggest question everyone wants to know, who made Pentax "the official camera of the internet"? We want to know! :)

But I would also ask tough questions, such as "Why are you ruining DSLR photography with 14 megapixel sensors?", and "why are you encouraging LBA with the new SDM lenses?" Shouldn't you be sponsoring LBA-cessation programs instead? :)

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