Thursday, June 19, 2008

The March to the Sony DSLR Flagship begins with the new HVLF58AM flash!

We still have to wait for the upcoming Sony A900 flagship DSLR, which will be using the 25mp Exmor sensor, but today Sony has given us a new flagship flash, the HVL-F58AM.

Lots of details and nice close-up pictures of the new flash at Photoclub Alpha, a website that specializes in all things Alpha (Minolta and Sony DSLRs). PCA explains the new features and why they would be of interest to Sonoltans out there.

The full press release from Sony USA can be found at the Imaging Insider. There we learn that the starting price will be $500, and will start shipping in September-ish of 2008.

A quick search at Amazon shows no results for the HVL-F58AM as of the time of writing. We did not find it at Sony Style either.

Initial reactions? The Sony and Minolta DSLR users in the dpreview forums are happy about this development, but they are also anxiously waiting for the flagship A900 DSLR.

More on the new flash at the usual camera and photo websites, magazines and blogs, such as Photography Blog, and Digital Camera Review.

Now how many of you Sony fans are singing the "Flash Gordon" theme song to celebrate this new ...flash? :)

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