Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The Market has spoken: Sony price cuts across the board

Sony of course has found itself in the midst of a price fixing kerfuffle but that doesn't stop the prices from dropping organically. You see you can control prices, but supply and demand are still at play, albeit with different parameters.

Okay, enough Greenspan faux-speak, let's see what the actual price drops mean! For reference, be sure to cross-check our Sony DSLR Price chart that took a snapshot of the prices as of May 1st, 2008.

Sony DSLR price drops
We start with the Alpha A350, looking at Amazon, where the A350 is going for $700 body only, $800 with the 18-70 DT lens (A350K), and $900 in the two lens kit (A350X, 18-70 DT and 55-200 DT). The first two kits have dropped $100 while the two-lens kit has dropped $200. Was it the recent dpreview review? Ouch!

Next up the Alpha A300, starting at Amazon, where the body only is not listed just like before. The kit with the 18-70 DT lens goes for $600 while the two-lens kit (18-70 DT and 55-200 DT), the A300X, goes for $700. Compared to May 1st, we are down $100 and $200 respectively. See a pattern yet?

Now we move to the current Sony top model, the Alpha A700, also looking at Amazon, where the body only goes for $1300, the 18-70 DT kit (A700K) goes for $1400, the kit with the 18-200 DT goes for $1500, and the kit with the 16-105 DT (A700X) goes for $1800. There is a $100 price drop across the board here as well. No two-lens kit, so no double-dip discount (we presume).

Now let's take a look at the Alpha A200, starting at Amazon. The A200K kit (with 18-70 DT lens) goes for $500 even, while the two-lens kit (18-70 DT, 75-300), the A200W, goes for $700. Compared to May 1st, we have $100 price drop for each kit. See a pattern? :)

Last but not least, the first Sony-branded DSLR, the Alpha A100 is not generally available, but the body only version goes for $580 via J&R World, and the A100H (with 18-200 DT) goes for $700 at B&H Photo. Same prices as before, but since this camera is on its way out and not generally available, we can't really compare it with the rest of the Alpha models, but we are including it for completeness.

Sony Cybershot digital cameras
The presumably flagship of the Sony Cybershot line-up in terms of price was the trio of the W300, T300 and H50. All three of them have dropped to $350 list price, and the typical prices at Amazon, by Amazon and the reputable/recognizable 3rd party sellers have them in the $330 to $350 range. The W300 of course is the 14-megapixel model, the T300 is the flagship T-series ultracompact, and the H50 is Sony's 15X hyperzoom but using a small sensor.

The other new W-series models have some mild price variations, but we don't track those as closely. This of course includes the wide-angle W170, the W150, W130 and W120. The entry-level S-series line-up is composed of the S730, S750 and S780.

Other current Sony models include the multi-color Cybershot T2, which has 4gb of on-board memory, which attempts to expose MemoryStick haters to a Cybershot camera, because of its 4gb on-board memory.

More current or recent Sony models to look for include the H10 and H3 "fun zooms" (read the reviews), the H9 and H7 hyper-zooms, the T70 and T20, and such.

Sony coverage here at 1001 Noisy
Be sure to check our Sony Minolta DT lenses round-up, which is part of our Digital-Only lens roundup. It lists all the lenses that fit that description, and points to a number of reviews of those lenses. Do note that the review list is not intended to be comprehensive, but if there are any reviews you would like to see added, please let us know!

For more, be sure to check our 50+ Sony-themed posts .

Price Check them all

Consider using the 1001 Noisy Mall to price check all the aforementioned cameras. It lists a large number of reputable dealers including B&H Photo, Amazon, Adorama, J&R World, OneCall, TigerDirect, New Egg, Dell, Circuit City, and such, all in one easy to access page. At the same time your purchases thank us for bringing you all this free content along with  free full-text RSS feeds!

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