Thursday, June 5, 2008

Most popular stories in the last few days

For our new readers or any of our readers that missed most of our posts the last few days, we have a list of some of the most popular topics here at 1001 Noisy.

Most popular outgoing stories
1. Serious Compacts talks Canon G10 rumors
2. Four Thirds Photo has a preview of the Olympus E520.
3. DC Resource previews the Olympus E520.
4. Nikon D3X and D10 rumors in the Nikon dpreview forum.
5. New DSLR Map Ground Control page.

Most Popular among Subscribers
1. A special edition of the Photography Soup focusing on all things Nikon.
2. Nikon D300 price round-up after the Canon Instant rebates hit the street.
3. The launch of the DSLR Map, a new reference blog that maps the DSLR market in a simple and uncluttered format, the exact opposite of this blog
4. The Reader picture showcase, powered by flickr, where we showcase reader pictures
5. Having fun with the Google Trends, by running popular camera-related queries.

Most popular RSS readers
1. Google Collective (Feedfetcher, iGoogle, Google Reader)
2= Bloglines
2= Firefox Live Bookmarks
4. NewsGator Online
5= Windows RSS platform and Mac OS X RSS platform

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