Thursday, June 5, 2008

New Amazon Top Seller Charts update!

Hello Top Seller Camera Charts fans, we have a new full-size episode for you just posted! If you want to avoid any spoilers, jump right ahead and read all about it!

And now to the customary screenshot teaser before we start opining ;-)

Camera Talk Radio 1001AM The Noisy

  • What's with the crazy silver Canon SD1000 price drop? Well, it ran out of stock from the usual places at Amazon, so one of the third party sellers that specializes in jacking up prices of recently out-of-stock cameras pushed it to $300, when its regular price is around $170-$180. Not sure what these people are thinking, if you are looking for the next Fuji F31fd or 2/3" prosumer goldmine, at least look at the camera specs and camera reviews! The cameras need to have something unique to jump in price like that! Most of the out-of-stock cameras do not have anything special!
  • New #1, a different Powershot, in this game of Canon musical chairs!
  • The Panasonic TZ5 series is wacky, now it's the TZ5A (blue/azure) that's in the top ten, and for the second time in recent weeks, it has managed to steal the [Top Zoom] belt from the legendary Canon S5 IS.
  • The two Canon 40D retail models continue to hold steady. Amazing! Who do we thank for that? The Canon Instant Rebates which brought the prices of those kits down down down.
  • Also holding steady in the Top 25 are the Nikon D60 and D40 kits. The D60 just got two reviews yesterday, one at DC Resource and another at Digital Camera Info.
  • The most buzz for the buck DSLR, the Nikon D300 body only has not gone away, it's now buzzing just outside the Top 25, this time at #30. The price is at $1690 for body only. Being at #30 in itself is a great feat considering the price, but it is perhaps overshadowed by the performance of the two Canon 40D kits, thanks to their new low prices and them being more "affordable" gifts father's day and new graduates. The more expensive bundle with the 18-200 DX VR lens is also moving on up, now re-entering the Top 50 at #50
  • Don't start the Rebolution without me! The new price structure has indeed altered the landscape (not mode) of the Digital Rebels. The XTi 400D has gone from the most popular, to getting squeezed on both directions by the XT 350D and XSi 450D. Oh how the D-Rebel world turns ;-)
  • The top non-Canon/Nikon DSLR continues to be the Olympus E510 two-lens kit currently at #47 and going for around $624.
  • Meanwhile in the all important hyperzoom category (superzooms with zoom ratio over 12X), the Nikon P80 has taken the lead, just barely inside the top 50, and the Olympus SP-570uz just a few spots behind, followed by the Panasonic FZ18K.
  • The Ashton Kutcher Coolpixes are getting more discounts in the $10 ball-park, moving the multi-color S550 and the P60 at the $188 price.
  • She's back! Back in the Top 100, the Panasonic FZ50K at the price of $450. What will Panasonic do to follow this up at Photokina 2008? Will they do anything? Well, we have to wait to find out, or wait for the leaks to become a lake ;-)

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