Monday, June 9, 2008

New Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D DSLR announced today!

We wrote about the Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D rumors in May 2008, and Leonard Goh of CNet Asia posted that the announcement would arrive today. And sure enough, one minute after midnight New York City time, it has arrived!

Coverage of the D-Rebel XS 1000D on the Net
A detailed comparison of the new DSLR with the existing XSi 450D, XTi 400D and XT 350D, along with multiple body pictures can be found at Imaging Resource.

A giant back and front picture of the new XS can be found at Engadget, front is black, back is silver (the pictures shown).

Rob Galbraith has posted a news update with the new D-Rebel XS 1000D as well.

More on the new XS at digital camera review with three pictures, including a front-view of the silver dSLR body.

The posts continue to arrive, next up at Amateur Photographer UK and Les Numeriques (in french).

Also at dpreview, but currently requires password to read the post.

For more coverage of the XS 1000D, be sure to check the Imaging Insider.

Also annoucned Canon Speedlite 430EX II
Falling in the slim shadow of the XS 1000D is the new Canon Speedlite 430EX II. Not to be confused with the existing Speedlite 430EX.

Information on the new speedlite can be found on some of the above websites mentioned, but you can also see posts dedicated to it, at Rob Galbraith, and at dpreview, among many other places.

Pre-Ordering the Canon Digital Rebel XS 1000D
We have not yet spotted the XS 1000D available for pre-orders, but we have pre-filled an Amazon query that searches for "Canon XS". Amazon is usually among the first to offer new cameras for pre-ordering.

Reactions in the Forums
The dpreview Canon SLR Talk forum has plenty of discussions up already, with forum readers following the Japanese and Spanish announcements.

Meanwhile the non-denominational dpreview News forum is also discussing this ...Rebolution.

Meanwhile more discussions are springing up in the Canon forum at Club Snap.

Equally interesting are the reactions by users and fans of other brands. Here are some thoughts and opinions by Sony fans, Pentaxians, and Nikon fans.

Perhaps that's why Canon has much higher DSLR estimates for this year than Nikon, they will "buy" market share through this new "affordable" holiday shopping season targeted D-Rebel?

11 new DSLRs in 2008 so far
This sets up what promises to be a recording breaking year for DSLRs, as the D-Rebel XS is the 11th new DSLR of 2008. For the complete list, along with 100+ new compact digital cameras in 2008, be sure to visit and bookmark our New Cameras in 2008 list!

Initial monthly production output
This dpreview News forum thread informs us that Canon is planning an initial production output of 200,000 XS 1000D units per month, similar to the XSi 450D. That means they expect both to be flying off the shelf during the Holiday Shopping season of 2008.

Update July 8, 2008
Canon USA has officially announced the D-Rebel XS 1000D. Price is $700 with the 18-55 EF-S IS lens, and will ship around August. It won't be available as body only. Meanwhile the 430EX II Speedlight will start at $330.

The XS 1000D is now available for pre-ordering, the first major retailer to offer it online being Ritz Cameras and Wolf Cameras.

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