Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm f3.5 for Nikon ZF and Pentax ZK (manual lenses)

"Auto focus is for dummies! Real photographers use manual focus!" Is that a blast from the past from the long-forgotten debate of the autofocus emergence era or a justification to pay top dollar to get these new lenses? We blog, you decide!

That was a roundabout intro to this new lens announcement from Carl Zeiss, the 18mm f3.5 super-wide lens, coming in Nikon (ZF) and Pentax (ZK) mount flavors. The price is for the brave of wallet, it will cost almost $1500, but fear not, you get a standard shade included :)

Details and Coverage on the net

Reactions to the lens
Canon users are trooling (talking+drooling), while Nikons users are drooling over this lens. Some of them anyway :)

And of course the rumor-mongering is fueled by such an announcement, hypothetically matching this lens with the alleged Nikon D700.