Monday, June 30, 2008

New Charts: The Magic Power of Price Drops Revealed (and Olympus in the Top Ten!)

We are taking a break from the Nikon D700 soap opera to bring you a new top selling digital cameras soap opera update :) Jump now if you want to avoid any spoilers, because a screen-shot teaser is right below. The picture is a link to the new top selling cameras list! If this is the first time you are reading this, be sure to check the about page.

The Magic Power of Price Drops: One of the universal truths is that if you discount them, they will buy them! Such is the case with the Panasonic TZ5K which is pushing a new low, currently "trading" at around $265 and jumping to #3. Imagine if the TZ5 wasn't a close friend of Monet... Another beneficiary of dropping prices is the Canon SD790-IS, which jumps in the top 10, thanks to back to back price cuts putting it closer to $260, and making it a price-alternative to the older Powershots... And if those two were not good examples, the Olympus Stylus 770SW, a 2007 shockproof/dustproof/freezeproof model has dropped to $200, and despite the xD memory card, it has created enough of a feeding frenzy to push it into the top ten. An Olympus in the Top 10? What is this? 2002? :) (No, no Smartmedia cards please!)... And another one losing price-weight and climbing up is the Canon SD890-IS. Please don't ask me for the Ixus and Ixy model numbers. I've lost track!

40D continues to be strong: While the Nikonians are jumping up and down with D700-excitement, the Canon 40D models continue to do quite well. The 40D with the 28-135 lens is close to $1100 and into the top five. Not bad for a $1100 camera!

Early signs of the Nikon D700 effect? It's obviously way too early to tell, but both of the Nikon D300 kits remain in the Top 50, which is no easy task considering they sell for $1650 and $2250 respectively.

Hyperzoom Wars: At $300 or less, the Panasonic FZ18K is proving quite popular as it manages to jump back in the Top 25 and leave the hyperzooms of 2008 far behind. It also helps that it sells for less :) Next is the Nikon P80 jumping into the Top 40, followed by the Olympus SP-570uz, barely in the Top 60, and then the Sony H50... By HyperZooms we refer to the superzooms with a zoom lens ratio of over 12X, such as 15X, 18X and 20X among existing models.

Goodbye Canon SD1000 silver? One of the most popular Canon models of the last few months was the SD1000, but it has just left the Top 25 after being there forever. The only place offering it at Amazon is a "limited availability profiteer 3rd party" selling it for $300, almost twice as much as its regular price. Needless to say no one is going ot buy it at that price. Let's not kid ourselves, the SD1000 is no Fuji F31fd with a magic sensor!

Top Non-Canon/Nikon DSLR: The Olympus E510 2-lens kit reclaims that "belt" from the Pentax K200D who dropped out of the Top 100, but the Sony A200 kit has returned, going for $500 even.

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