Thursday, June 26, 2008

New Lens, New Rumors and New Reviews (updated with second Ricoh GX200 review)

We've had lots of excitement in the last few hours, so here is a recap of all the excitement for those who are just checking. And this just in, a second Ricoh GX200 was just posted at Photography Blog.

Nikon D700 rumor round-up
Danish store price leak, comments by Thom Hogan and Ken Rockwell, leaks galore and lots more in the latest Nikon D700 rumors round-up.

New Sony Alpha DSLR Rumors
A long discussion at the Camera Labs Sony forums talks of a possible Sony A800 35mm full frame DSLR to compete with the Canon 5DMk2 and Nikon D700/D10. Also mentioned the expected A900 flagship and potential A700-replacement.

New Carl Zeiss super-wide manual lens
Carl Zeiss tempts Nikon and Pentax users to part with $1500 with this new manual Carl Zeiss 18mm f3.5 wide lens, in ZF (Nikon) and ZK (Pentax) flavors.

New Ricoh GX200 prosumer
Ricoh follow-up on the GX100, with the new Rioch GX200, using a 12mp 1/1.7" CCD sensor, RAW of course, the same lens starting at 24mm, a 135mm TC lens, and more. Pre-orders start at $600 in the US market via Adorama.

Two Three Impact Reviews

  • Less than a day after its announcement, the Ricoh GX200 gets its first major review at Trusted Reviews.
  • [NEW] This just in! We have another Ricoh GX200 review published, two days after the initial announcement at Photography Blog. As you may recall,
    Photography Blog had posted GX200 sample pictures the day of the announcement, so now they have posted their full review! The conclusions are on page #6, but we won't reveal them here!
  • Meanwhile dpreview has been busy with new reviews, and the Pentax K20 DSLR review has been posted. Did they find the K20D to be a ...Croatian? :)
  • You can find the above, and a lot more DSLR Reviews nicely organized in the minimalist DSLR Map. We are using a new approach to organize reviews in a way that can give you more diverse opinions on each DSLR

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