Tuesday, June 3, 2008

New PENTAX DA 17-70 F4 SDM lens officially announced today

A new Pentax lens announcement has appeared on the internets today, the PENTAX DA 17-70 f4 SDM AL IF, which is roughly 26-105mm in 35mm equivalent terms. SDM and constant aperture are of interest to Pentaxians for sure.

This lens was the subject of a development notice around PMA 2008, along with a DA* 55mm f1.4 SDM and 60-250 DA* f4 SDM. More on the PMA notice, which included a future lenses roadmap at Club Snap. Pictures of the lens from that era at pbase.

Here and Now
The lens was recently reviewed by french magazine CDI, Chasseur d'Image (review not online), and the Pentax dpreview forum users are discussing the review.

Digging around the internets a bit more, we find discussions of the latest Pentax lens road-map, which includes DA 17-70 f4 SDM, at DigitalHub.org and of the latest Chasseur d'Image lens reviews which included Pentax lenses, at Pentax Life.

On top of that, an announcement summary has shown up at the front page of dpreview, but details are not currently available, other than the summary.

The press release has now been posted at the Imaging Insider and Digital Camera Info (DCI), and mentions a July release date with a $600 retail price.

We searched at Amazon, which frequently lists new gear for pre-ordering right after the announcement but could not find any. We have pre-created this search that searches for Pentax SDM and should pick up the 17-70 when it gets listed at Amazon.

More as the story develops... If you are anxiously waiting, relax and spend some time with the LOL Cats :) You can has new lenses later ;-)

Update from Japan
Hoya-Pentax has made the Japanese announcement of this new lens and there they inform us that the initial production output of this lens will be 2,000 per month. Release is Japan is expected in early July 2008 with a price in the 65,000 yen ballpark.

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