Tuesday, June 24, 2008

New Ricoh GX200 follows up on the GX100!

Ricoh has just announced a new flagship digital camera, following up on their successful GX100. Meet the new GX200! And before you even read the specs, you can see exclusive photos taken with the GX200 at Photography Blog. This includes 20+ JPEGs, a six-pack of RAW files, and a sample movie. You can view the full-size pictures by clicking on the thumbnails at Photography Blog.

You can find the Ricoh UK press release, along with detailed specifications at Photography Blog as well! You can also find the Ricoh USA press release at the Adorama News Desk.

And directly from the horse's mouth, meet the Ricoh Global GX200 page. There you can also get a GX200 brochure in PDF format. The size is about 2 megabytes.

News from Japan: 10,000 units per month
The camera will be available in Japan on the 4th of July, celebrating the world's independence from JPEG-only digital cameras :) The Japanese price will be 65,000 yen, and the initial production output will be 10,000 GX200 units per month, according to Ricoh Japan (computer-translated).

Meet the Ricoh GX200
The main feature is the 24-72mm (not 85mm) lens, giving it something unique compared to your average digital camera out there. RAW is there, which is another important aspect, considering that only four out of 100+ non-DSLR new digital cameras in 2008 offer native RAW support. The RAW format used is Adobe's DNG, just like the GX100.

Descriptions of some of its other interesting features with picture examples, features such as 1cm macro, AE/AF target shift, NR On/Off, along with promises of NR improvements, an MTF curve and more at the Ricoh GX200 features page.

The sensor as you can expect is a 12mp 1/1.7" CCD (hey, at least they didn't jump on the 14mp sensor), while the DB600 LiIon battery gives you CIPA 360 (or 30 with AAA in case of emergency).

For a detailed specs comparison with the GX100, be sure to check SeriousCompacts.com.

And we have a few samples pictures directly from Ricoh.

Pre-ordering now available
It should be available in July 2008, and available for pre-ordering in the USA market via Adorama. The GX200 standard kit costs $600 for the GX200 and the GX200 kit with the VF-1 external viewfinder costs $750. The GX-100 currently goes for $520.

Adorama also lists the 135mm teleconverter, compatible with the GX100 and GX200, via the HA-2 adapter. Looks like Ricoh is slowly but steadily building a mini-system here :)

Coverage of the announcement on the net
We already mentioned the 30+ full-size sample pictures at Photography Blog which did a great job with this. But there's more!

A summary of the announcement and differences between it and the GX100 can be found at Serious Compacts, where they already have a lot of Ricoh GRD I/II and GX100 talk.

Discussion of the new GX200 has also been posted at Wouter 28mm photoblog.

What is great is that this camera got a lot of PR at the high-tech gadget blogs, including Gizmodo, Engadget, and Electronista. It's nice to see more diversity in new digital cameras, and not always worship the CaNiKoNs of the world :)

Forum Reactions to the GX200 and sample images
The Ricoh forum at dpreview is discussing the new GX200, with 30+ posts so far. Also of interest, a recent discussion on a GX100 replacement, that got started 4 days ago and picks up now after the announcement. The full-size samples at Photography Blog are discussed here.

The non-denominational but very opinionated News forum at dpreview has a lively discussion as well.

More discussions on the GX200 at ricohforum.com which specializes on all things Ricoh cameras!

We will have another update later tonight!

More on the Ricoh GX200 (afternoon edition)
If you read our morning coverage of the GX200, we have some more stuff for you! We will put them here, so those who read this post already can easily find the new stuff.

One user has "developed" some of the Photography Blog RAW files and makes bold statements.

More websites and blogs covering the Ricoh GX200, including The Online Photographer, dpreview.com, and Let's Go Analog, along with Camera Town.

The first GX200 review is published one day later!
One day after the announcement, we have the first published Ricoh GX200 review by one of the major UK websites, at Trusted Reviews. No spoilers here, you have to read on through all the juicy details and reactions to the review.

Second GX200 review posted on Day #2
Yes, one review a day so far for the Gx200! Photography Blog has posted their review of the GX200. See what they found out, and if you are in a hurry, jump to page #6 for the verdict and conclusions. No spoilers here :)

More reactions to the Ricoh GX200
A nice 70+ post discussion on the new Ricoh GX200 is going on at the Small Sensor Cameras forum at GetDPI. If you are into the GX200, be sure to check it out!

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Wouter Brandsma said...

The Ricoh GX200 does not have a 24-85mm lens, but like the GX100, a 24-72mm lens. A disadvantage could be the new image processing engine just like the GRDII, but it seems the GX200 will be full RAW camera with the extanded buffer memory.

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the correction!!! The side-effects of heavy multi-tasking :(

"Full RAW" is a definitely good thing, and Ricoh is showing signs of investing in a mini-system here with more accessories, so that bodes well for the future.