Wednesday, June 11, 2008

New "Top Stories Now" box added in left sidebar

In an attempt to make the most recent content easier to find in this noisy blog, we just added a new box at the top of the left sidebar called "Top Stories Now". This has some of our most recent posts and buzz from around the internets. Here is a screenshot. Click on the pictures for larger screenshots.

Top left corner zoomed in:

We also feature a list of the most recent posts at the bottom of the main blog column. If you need more than ten, let us know, and we will add more :)

We are also trying a new approach to making the content more readily available by creating multiple views of this blog at NetVibes. The views available so far are:

  1. The latest posts by brand (Canon, Nikon, etc - Sony, Leica and Sigma have technical issues at the moment)
  2. The latest posts by category (Rumors, New Camera Announcements, Reviews, Photography Soup, Weekly recap, Discover New Sites, etc)
  3. The latest posts by blog (1001 Noisy, RAWsumer, DSLR Map and Camera Charts)
  4. The latest stories submitted via Web 2.0 (digg,, reddit, Stumble Upon, Mixx, etc)

If you have any other suggestions on making the content easier to find please let us know!

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