Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New way to navigate the blog's content: Topics by Brand

It is no secret that this blog is chaotic, and it can be overwhelming for new and old readers alike. So in attempt to make it more user-friendly we have created a new way to view the blog's content - topics by brand name using NetVibes.

It's easier to explain it with a picture than with words, so here it is. Click on the picture for a larger version:

We picked the presentation order of the brands based on a number of factors, but feel free to lobby to have your favorite brand move up or down in position if you like. If you make a strong case, we will strongly consider it :)

Since NetVibes is also moonlighting as a newsreader we have made our posts available so you can read them right in NetVibes. With NetVibes you can create a private or public page and add your favorite items. For example if you are a Nikon fan, you can send our "Nikon" box to your Netvibes page, so you can read all the updates from there.

Read more on our NetVibes Plan B Experiment.

PS> The NetVibes cache seems to take some time to get its act together, so some of the entries may be empty (Sony, Sigma, Leica). Yell at NetVibes, or wait for a couple of hours and it should be sync'ed up. Yes it is annoying, I couldn't agree with you more! But it's a free service, so we can't complain too much :)

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