Monday, June 9, 2008

Nikon attacks the Sunday paper readers!

Attacks them with a glossy six-page ad promoting their entire line-up of Coolpix digital cameras and DSLRs! The theme as you can expect is Father's Day and judging from the human models used in the ad, they are targeting younger fathers. They pass the diversity test as they show one asian and one african-american dad as well.

Yes, we are reviewing a six-page glossy ad :) Page one has a dad wearing a loud green shirt that distracts from the cameras. The featured camera is the S550, and a baby is used to promote smile mode and blink warning.

Page 2 features the Nikon D40, a DSLR Ken Rockwell praised profusely. Ken Rockwell is not featured in the ad, we are merely mentioning Ken Rockwell because of his past statements on the D40. Just to be clear!

The D60 gets two pages of its own, with a couple of nice back-view and top-view pictures of the camera. The pictures are nice and they evoke gadgetology-lust, one of the deadly sins from a photography purist perspective. Stay tuned for that post ;-) The D80 and D300 get a tiny mention at the bottom of the ad. So as you can see, this ad is targeting the mythical average consumer and average photographer.

The remaining two pages are split between four Coolpixies, the S210 and S600, along with the P60 and P80. And if you are an Ashton Kutcher fan, there were no Kutcher pictures in the ad, or we couldn't recognize him in the pictures :)

This concludes our Nikon six-page glossy ad review. And now to our rating of the ad... *Drum Roll*

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