Saturday, June 28, 2008

Price drop alert: Nikon D3 under $5000, now going for $48xx (update: B&H Photo joins the discount!)

We have a new price-drop alert! The Nikon D3 has dropped to around $4800 at two places, so it looks like the Amazon price was not just an experiment, at least not an ultra-short one. While a number of places continue to offer the Nikon D3 at $5000 (B&H, J&R, Adorama, Ritz), OneCall's store at Amazon has it at $4800 and Amazon itself at $4819. By "Amazon itself" we mean the camera is sold and shipped by, not by one of the third party sellers selling there.

For a list of Nikon D3 reviews, be sure to check the Nikon D3 reviews page at DSLR Map, where you will find links to reviews and nothing else! A quick and easy reference for those who like to cross-reference reviews on a frequent basis. If you have any feedback on this, please let us know!

If you are a fan of the D3/D300 power-duo, we have 40+ posts that feature them. While the buzz on the internets are the alleged and rumored D3X, D10 or D700, none of these can take any pictures since they only exist in our hopes, dreams and imaginations (and nightmares for Canon users). On the other hand, if you want to take pictures, the D3 and the D300 are what you can get here and now :)

Update later in the day: B&H Photo discounts Nikon D3 as well
B&H Photo has joined the D300 discounting party with a price of $4820. [Permalink]

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