Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Nikon D700 buzz continues to get louder

Even Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan has chimed in with a teaser for next week and a riddle to expect "more than Nikon news" which of course can be read in different ways. Hogan-esque discussion in the dpreview News forum.

If you are tired of the rumoralia, be sure to check our 100 most recent posts for different topics. If you don't find anything of interest, let us know, and we'll custom-write something for you (within reason of course).

The latest buzz at the moment is the sighting of a Nikon D700 listing at a Denmark store. Is it July 1st yet? Of course given past history, we are likely to know almost everything before the actual official announcements hit the news wires.

To catch up with earlier rumors, be sure to check our previous Nikon D700 rumor round-up.

Nikon D700 rumors in the forums
In the forums world, the dpreview forums are ablaze with the latest buzz including Nikon site link hunting, and Fred Miranda discussions, thread #1, thread #2, thread #3, and some early bragging over Canon's 5D sight-unseen Mark II too.

Nikon D700 rumors on the internet has wall to wall coverage of Nikon rumors, ideal for those sitting at the edge of their seat waiting for the new Nikon DSLRs, be it D700, D10, D3X, D90, D85, D80x, D400, D300X, D4, digital rangefinder, large-sensor Coolpix, and ... Coolpix SQ-TNG (ouch!).

More coverage of the latest Nikonalia rumoralia at and the Imaging Insider.

Ken Rockwell has also jumped in with his D700 page. Also tracking the rumors is french site Alors!

The high-tech gadget blogs are also following the Nikon rumors, including Engadget, Slash Gear and Ubergizmo.

But wait, there's more! Someone has already created a Nikon D700 minisite, not affiliated with Nikon as far as we know.

And more, here is a round-up by a master of rumoralia, Master Chong.

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