Monday, June 23, 2008

Nikon DSLRs attack, Panasonic TZ-series not a flukezy!

We have a new episode of the on-going Top Seller Digital Camera Charts at Amazon soap-opera. This will not replace the CIPA numbers, but it can give you some insight on the latest market trends!

If you don't want to be spoiled, jump to the new Top 25 now! A spoiler screen-shot follows right below, along with discussion of some of the interesting things we noticed. The picture below is a link to the new Top 25!

The SuperZoom Wars: Both the S5-IS and TZ5K had a wide range of price changes the last few days and the volatility has them jumping all over. But the $270 price of yesterday and $280 of today has given the Panasoni TZ5K the upper-hand as it returns to the top five, making its #1 appearance last week look even less of a fluke. And with this jump, it has reclaimed the [Top Zoom] belt from the Canon S5-IS... It was a surprise to see the Canon SX-100-IS drop out of the top 25, as it had in recent weeks established itself as a regular top 25 superzoom.

Canon DSLRs: A $20 temporary discount was enough to lift the Canon 40D w/EF28-135 back in the top 10. Considering this is a $1100+ DSLR combo, this is not an unimpressive feat! With this jump, it grabs the [Top DSLR] belt from the XSi kit... Speaking of the XSi 450D, it seems to be in a hurry to get to the $800 mark for the combo that includes the 18-55 EF-S IS lens. New low price is $820 at the moment.

Nikon DSLRs: Canon does not have the monopoly on price cuts, as the Nikon D60 VR kit is down to $640 (sold and shipped by Amazon itself), and it reaches a new Top 25 high at #11. Breakout alert! One spot away from the top ten... Meanwhile the D40 kit (with the non-VR DX lens) drops $20 and finds itself at the #13 spot. Canon DSLRs, you are not alone ;-) And more discounts, the Nikon D300 w/18-200 DX VR is down $44 to $2225, and that was enough to push it back in the Top 40. Considering the price (twice as much as the Canon 40D kit in the Top Ten), this is quite impressive as well.

Knocking on the Top 25's Door: The Olympus Stylus 1030SW black is one SD memory card slot away from being a universal best seller. Sadly those can't be made available via firmware updates, so it has to win the hearts and minds and wallets of camera buyers on its own merits despite the xD card... The Canon SD890-IS lost $15 pounds on a new diet, oops, dollars, and might get in next week... The Fuji S700, aka S5700, has been building up momentum, combined with small price drops. Now at $157, but remember, no image stabilization.

The HyperZoom Wars: Despite its fall from grace, the Panasonic duo of FZ18K and FZ18S leads the way, followed by the Olympus SP-570uz flirting with the $400 price barrier, and the Nikon P80 which fades out to #60 despite the price drops. Ouch!... More ouch, this time for the Sony H50, which at the list price of $400 is just barely in the Top 100... By hyperzooms we mean superzooms with a zoom ratio higher than 12X.

Top non-CaNikon DSLR: The Olympus E510 two-lens kit continues to hold that belt, but it no longer has a sub-$600 price; the current price is $649 via Adorama. And like clockwork, price increase means chart position drop... Just like before, the Pentax K200D with the 18-55 Da Da Da kit lens is the next non-CaNikon DSLR in the top 100. And that's all there is to it! Enjoy your CaNikon duopoly ;-)

Samsung attacks the $90 price range: Half a dozen flavors of the Samsung S860 have stormed the Top 100, and they are moving on up! Watch out Hello Kitty! The S860 is an entry-level AA-based 8mp 1/2.5", 3x optical zoom, 2.5" LCD digicam. Note the appropriate use of the term "digicam" in this instance ;-)

Numerology: The Panasonic TZ4K currently sells for $222 and is at #22 and was at #22 in the previous edition of the Top 25!

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