Monday, June 16, 2008

Nine great references for photography bloggers and webmasters

Among the 1000+ posts we have created, some of them may be of interest to fellow camera and photography bloggers and webmasters as reference material. With the waves and waves of new digital camera announcements and releases, it's almost a full-time job keeping up. So here are some posts that you may find helpful as reference and resource material:

The Digital Camera List: All the current and recent digital cameras by all the major manufacturers. This is a big table, broken down by manufacturer. The cameras are divided in five categories: DSLRs, cameras with sensors 1/1.8" or larger, superzooms, LiIon-based and AA-based cameras with sensors under 1/1.8". Visit and bookmark.

Who Reviews Digital Cameras? Almost everyone may know of dpreview and Imaging Resource, but did you know there more than 100 different websites and blogs that review digital cameras? Our in-depth article looks at many of them, and breaks them down in categories. Visit and bookmark.

The DSLR Map: A single-page map to all the DSLRs of the "modern era". Reviews of each DSLRs are listed in a unique three-column format designed to provide a wider variety of opinions. Very lightweight and very easy to navigate, unlike this blog :) Visit and bookmark.

The DSLR Review Matrix: Before the DSLR Map was launched, the DSLR Review Matrix tried to cram as many DSLR review links in one page as possible. This is a giant blog post. Visit and bookmark.

All digital cameras announced in 2008: A long list of the 100+ new digital cameras announced in 2008 by the major manufacturers. Broken down in various overlapping categories, such as "DSLRs", "Superzooms", "RAWsumers", "wide-angle cameras" (28mm or wider), and such. Visit and bookmark.

Photokina 2008 Rumor Central: A big page covering Photokina 2008 rumoralia. Rumors are broken down in different groups based on perceived strength. Visit and bookmark.

Digital-only Lens Roundup: An on-going multi-part series that breaks down the available digital-only lenses by manufacturer and mount where applicable. Visit and bookmark.

The RAWsumer List: Every DSLR has RAW, but can you remember all the non-DSLRs that support RAW natively? If not, then the RAWsumer List has those, broken down by year, going from 2002 to 2008. Visit and bookmark.

The Big List of 2007: This is a giant post, created in late 2007, that talks about all the current digital camera models as of that time. This is a long post. Gearaholics only! Visit and bookmark.


mrsfixit said...

The digital camera list is a good idea- and having a column that lists cameras by sensor size is a GREAT idea!

I always thought dpreview should have sensor size in it's list of criteria when using their camera feature search.

But now YOU have gone and done it! Thanks- this will be much appreciated by us shutterbugs!

1001 noisy cameras said...

Thanks for the feedback Mrs FixIt! Yes, sensor size is one of the differentiating features that makes it easier to zoom through the hundreds of current and recent cameras!