Monday, June 9, 2008

Noisy Blog Plans Revealed!

We were able to procure the secret but tentative plan for the next few posts here at 1001 Noisy Cameras. We won't reveal our sources, so please feel free to treat this as a rumor since we are not providing any hard evidence ;-)

Tentative Plan

  1. This post
  2. Plans derailed already: NetVibes Plan B stole a lot of cycles
  3. VIDI (our Sunday blame-torial posted on Monday)
  4. New Charts soap opera (Monday)
  5. No Big Monday this week (consider the DSLR Map as the Big Monday feature)
  6. Photography Soup (Canon special edition)
  7. More DSLR profiles added to the DSLR Map reference blog
  8. Most Popular posts
  9. Discover New Sites and Blogs
  10. New Charts Soap opera (Thursday)
  11. Weekend Shopper (time-permitting)
  12. Weekly Rewind (Sunday)
  13. VIDI on Speed (no, not the war on drugs)
  14. New Charts Soap Opera (Monday)
  15. etc

Special features
  1. Digital Lens Round-up (Four Thirds, Sigma, Tamron and Tokina remain). Already posted round-ups for Nikon DX, Canon EF-S, Minolta-Sony DT, and Pentax DA which are conveniently listed at the Digital-only lens ground control. Major Tom is busy testing a new super secret "L" lens (or so he thinks) ;-)
  2. Shutterbug June 2008 magazine review (we can't afford a Nikon D3 review)
  3. Giant Speculations post to go with the Photokina 2008 rumors
  4. Secret Features we can't reveal yet

Regular recurring features
These are regular features but don't have regular time-slots. They could be posted at any time during the week.
  1. Breaking news and rumors as they happen
  2. Coverage of new camera and lens announcements as they happen
  3. Forum Digest (regular and "touring" edition)
  4. The Charts (non-soap-opera, regular and the new "touring" edition)
  5. Inside the Insider
  6. Photography Soup (regular edition). Believe it or not we already have 130+ past episodes in the archives!
  7. Stumble Upon Reference and Resource type 1001 Noisy posts
  8. Noisy at Nite (until Dave Letterman retires and we replace him)
  9. On-going updates to Ten Stories Only and the Noisy Situation Room
  10. Bargain Alerts
  11. Reader picture showcase rotates through the front page. If you would like this to expand beyond Flickr, let us know which photo sharing service(s) you'd like to see added

Thanks to everyone voting in our poll(s)
Our latest poll The "More" poll is still open for voting. We actually don't expire any of the polls, unless they are time-sensitive. So far our readers have told us that they would like to see more lens coverage, more gear/gadget talk, and more photography non-equipment talk.

These three categories got more than 50% of the votes, followed by "Discover New Sites and Blogs" and requests for more educational material (tutorials, tips, books, technique, etc).

We'll try to integrate these in our regular coverage and also create new regular features where appropriate. As you can see the top three votes include some mutually exclusive requests, such as "more tech/gadget talk" and "more non-gadget talk", so we'll try to segment those posts accordingly to keep everyone happy (or less unhappy).

If there's anything else you'd like to see covered, please let us know!

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