Thursday, June 12, 2008

Alert: PaintShop Photo Pro X2 for $40 at Amazon (updated)

We interrupt the silence with a Noisy Shopper Alert! While surfing the top sellers lists at Amazon we noticed Paintshop Photo Pro X2 going for $40 with free shipping, and no rebates or other requirements or prerequisites. This is not a gold box deal or lightning round deal. We do not know what the time frame for this special price is.

Update! Amazon has gone in a 1 to 3 week back-order presumably due to high sales. To get the $40 Amazon price, be sure to select the one sold and shipped by, not by one of the other featured 3rd party sellers. The Amazon price is $40. The picture on the right below shows how the right side of looks like now:

This is obviously no Photoshop, but then again, Photoshop is at least one order of magnitude more expensive than this. A quick Google search shows a number of reviews, including a three-page review from Trusted Reviews.

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