Sunday, June 29, 2008

Rumors: Pentax K2000D and full-frame coming next?

While strolling through the dpreview forums cyber-neighborhood, we noticed an interesting in thread in the Pentax forum, where one forum reader came back from a Pentax Demo Day in Belgium with a detailed report where he was told by the Pentax distributor representative a lot of interesting things. Among them, that there are two Pentax DSLRs in the pipeline, one entry-level (K2000D perhaps) and one to be using the upcoming Samsung 35mm full frame sensor. No time frame was given, so please don't make any assumptions on announcement or release dates. Please note that these are not official announcements and should be treated as rumors!

There's a lot more details of Pentaxian interest, including current and future Pentax lenses, so be sure to check it out and ask further questions if interested.

For a list of current (and frozen) Pentax DSLRs, as well as detailed reviews grouped in a unique fashion, be sure to check the DSLR Reference Map. If you have any suggestions for the DSLR Reference Map, please let us know!

And speaking of Pentax, here is a speculation post at Digital Hub talking about Pentax full-frame dreams.

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