Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Photography Soup (Nikon Day)

In this new experimental special edition of the Photography Soup, we focus on all things Nikon and nothing else! The world revolves around Nikon today!

Fans of other brands don't feel left out, every Tuesday we will focus (sometimes badly (Ouch!)) on a different brand.

Nikon Talk among the Nikonians
Nikon D3X, D400, D10, D90, it's an alphabet soup! Be sure to check the new Nikon Rumors blog and Nikon Watch among many other sites and forums for the latest. No rumor left behind!

And a video from Nikon itself, a behind the scenes look at Ashton Kutcher and the D60, and Kutcher and the Coolpixies.

Did you ever wonder what would happen if Ashton Kutcher and Maria Sharapova ever met? Would they start fighting and would need to be separated by the police? Would their combined IQ exceed 100? ;-)

Nikon super-guru Thom Hogan is a great source of Nikonalia. Recent updates to his site include Nikon financials discussion, Tamron's updated lenses serving at the pleasure of the motorless Nikons, software updates, and more on his latest D300 e-book.

The Nikon community, the Nikonians has just launched a new French-speaking Cafe. Je voudrais une Nikoneaux D4eaux s'il vous plait!

And speaking cafe, take the pulse of the Nikon fans in the general discussion area of NikonCafe.com. Rumors, corpse brides (a wedding photographer's nightmare?), smoking, and more! And more Nikon discussions inside the Nikon Gear forums.

Nikon Talk in the Photo-blogo-sphere
A Mixx user has spotted a story from Japan discussing Nikon's focus on the high-end of the DSLR market. As you may recall if you are following the various photography forums, the projected shipment estimates by the manufacturers give Canon a projected forecast lead over Nikon, and Nikon's own forecast talks of focusing on the high end. Hard-core Nikon fans will point out that they are focusing on the high-end since Canon's high-end DSLRs can't ;-) (just kidding 1DMk3 fans :)

David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk talks about Nikon D3 and low light focusing.

Nikonians in the UK rejoice! The D60 cashback promotion has been extended! Details via the Imaging Insider. UK Bargain Alert!

Recent Nikon reviews
Reading is fundamental! TWIP Photo has just recently reviewed the Nikon D300 Digital Field Guide, which as the title suggests, covers the operation of the lovely Nikon D300. Rumor hunters, you have a new source, dig into the books and see if you can spot the next "leak" :)

The Ashton Kutcherpix S600 just recently got two new reviews, one at Neo Camera and another at CNet, mentioned at Photography Bay.

The Nikonians in the dpreview forums
Of course no mention of Nikon would be complete without the Nikon dpreview forums. There we find lots of discussions, including a discussion of 14-bit importance, the Ken Rockwell discussion du jour, questions of should-I-buy-or-should-I-not nature of the P80 superzoom, freaky self portraits, and lots more.

Interesting isn't it that the P80 and P60 and P50 are mirrored in the D80 and D60 and D50 numbers. Do marketing people go to great lengths to intentionally confuse the newcomers and the uninitiated? :)

Feedback? Distortion?
If you have any feedback or suggestions on this feature, or you have other posts or blogs to recommend or suggest, (including yours), just let us know! Unlike magazine articles, blog posts are never final, so they can be updated :)

Most recent new Nikon camera announcements

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