Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Photography Soup (Noisy U edition - tips, tutorials, books and more)

Today we have a special edition of the Photography Soup, where all the posts we mention are educational in nature, be it tutorials, tips, or how-tos. It's what we call "Noisy U" but all the teachers are outsourced :)

Learn by Competing
Broken photos? Think you can't improve them? Pop Photo dares you to try to by entering their Photo Makeover contest. The winner gets an Olympus FE-250 digital camera which sadly takes xD cards only. Maybe the winner should get an Olympus FE-250 and a 2gb Olympus xD card :)

Learn by Reading
Grab your viewer's attention by the horns, to paraphrase what Beyond Megapixels suggests - in five different ways.

Learn from the pros! David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk was the guest blogger on Wednesday's prestigious slot at Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider. Ziser wrote about what it takes to be a professional wedding photographer. Past guest bloggers at Kelby's included Moose Peterson, Vincent Versace and Joe McNally who wrote the hot-selling book The Moment it clicks.

Books! Not just equipment and how-to books, but also books of great photography. The Online Photographer - did they use the same marketing firm Pentax used to become the official camera of the internet? - has an on-going series spotlighting some of the best photography books in their opinion. This is Part III. You can find links to Parts I and II at the bottom of their post.

And speaking of books, DIYPhotography.net has a chapter by chapter review of the hot selling book on lighting, Light, Science and Magic. DIY calls it "best book ever".

And some hands-on DIY, Lighting Mods has a step-by-step guide, GI Triggers Antenna mod. Assembly is required, but if you follow the steps it's not rocket science.

If you are interested now or down the road to self-publish your work, be sure to visit and bookmark the on-going series at Photo Walk Pro where they take a look at the various DIY book printing services.

Plan your next work-vacation for New York City in mid-July. That's when Strobist will be having their Lighting Seminar.

Neil Creek illustrates that you just need to be creative, you don't have to have infinite square footage. He talks about turning a spare room into a studio.

Learn by Observing
Observing the work of seven fine-art photographers at the Fine Art Photography blog. Examine their pictures and see what they did and what they didn't. How would you normally approach such a situation? What did they do that was different?

David Ziser introduces the work of 40+ photographers who submitted their work to the Fine Art blog.

Likewise, check out what the JPG magazine readers did that got their pictures published and then published again!

Learn without Reading
That's right, you can learn by listening instead, starting with episode #34 of TWIP Photo's podcast. We shouldn't really be calling them "podcasts" but Apple won the mindshare wars :)

Pro Photo Life talks about creating a portfolio in episode #16 of their video tutorials series.

The Imaging Insider has filtered out the internets and found some interesting podcasts out there, including Inside Digital Photo talking NX2, Photo Geek, and Shutterspeed. For a whole lot more, be sure to visit and bookmark the Insider!

Join The Photoshop Guys in a brand new episode of Photoshop User TV, a 30-minute weekly episode covering Photoshop and a whole lot more!

Photography Blog points us to as free webinar by photography author Rick Sammon, author of countless photography books. Photography Blog has the date and url.

And another webinar, this time by Boger talking tripods and going one hour long. Details, date and url at Photography Review.

Not Enough?
Want more? Well this will keep you busy for a few hours: CameraPorn has picked sixty photography sites and blogs you can't live without! If you go through all those and still need more, let us know :-0)

And we conclude with cat pictures! This cat is sailing. Will it grow up to be "The Old Cat and the Sea"? ;-)

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