Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photography Soup (Saturday June 28, 2008)

Welcome to a new edition *permalink) of our not-so-daily daily mix of happenings from the world of digital cameras and photography. You will find a wide range of topics. If you don't find something you like, let us know, and we'll custom-write it for you in the next edition of the Photography Soup (within reason of course).

Indecision 2008!
Yes, it is time to vote, and your vote could help decide what will happen in the next few years. So think things through and make an educated decision when you pick your ten favorite candidates. Ten candidates? That sounds like an "early and often" democracy? Well, yes, it is a multi-vote poll on future features of Photoshop, posted at Scott Kelby's Photoshop Insider blog.

Congratulations to TOP and RiceHigh!
The Online Photographer has reached their 2000th post! Congratulations! TOP is the brainchild of Mike Johnston, a lot of you may remember from his Sunday columns posted a few internet-centuries ago. And while we are on TOP, they have just posted their last installment in their multi-part Olympus E3 review.

Meanwhile the Pentaxian's version of Ken Rockwell, "Rice High", has reached the 100K milestone.

New news all the time
For new news throughout the day, be sure to visit and bookmark the Imaging Insider. Among the latest stories spotlight at the Insider, the future of digital camera sensors, the latest kerfuffle between photographers and the long arm of the law, an "affordable" Leaf back, and a whole lot more.

Workshops to the Edge with DCR
Digital Camera Review has a round-up of their recent Yosemite workshop adventure with Art Wolfe. If the name sounds familiar, Art Wolfe is the man behind the critically acclaimed PBS series "Travels to the Edge" with Art Wolfe, hat tip to Oregon Public Broadcasting.

Blasphemous rumors?
It looks like *shock* some of the allegedly leaked Nikon D700 pictures were fake. OMG, a fake rumor-picture? We've never seen that before ;-) Of course that doesn't necessarily mean the D700 or a similarly spec'ed camera is not coming out. We may have to wait until Monday or Tuesday, but if there is indeed something official coming, will there be an unofficially legit leak by then?

We have posted a boatload of rumors, so be sure to enjoy them and play the game of "Real or Fake?", a game that is very popular around PMA and Photokina :)

And speaking of rumors, the latest buzz is leaked Nikon PC lenses, details at NikonRumors and all the usual Nikon rumoralia places.

Round-up of Round-ups
An excellent round-up of interesting and educational stories at Epic Edits. Among the topics featured are workflow, flash, exposure and tips, and a wishlist too. Read all about it!

Jim Talkington has a new "Around the Net" round-up with film-vs-digital and other stories. Read all about it at the Pro Photo Life blog.

Around the Internets
David Ziser has a secret to share, a secret that will shed some ...light into the What? Details!

The latest TWIP Photo podcast is out and it poses photo-existential questions such as "are paparazzi human?" Or are they more human than the human? We blog, they podcast, you decide!

How about some new websites and blogs? New to you that is. We picked another six-pack of websites to feature in our weekly Discover New Sites and Blogs. Click on the tag (label) underneath that post to see all the previous installments. And if you'd like your website or blog featured, just let us know!

If you are a sensor geek, dive into Sony's mid-term plans! Details at Image Sensors World.

I don't want to sound irrational, if only there was a way to ...print pictures on M&Ms. I want to see the pixel-peepers pixel-peep those pictures :-)x

Ken Rockwell fans might be interested to learn what he thinks about HDTV. A 19" analog CRT is all the TV you are ever going to need? Not! :) If you are a PBS fan, do not read the following Rockwell quote. Stop reading PBS fans! Stop reading!

"PBS is even worse. PBS makes you at least as stupid, but it's worse because the people watching it have a sense of hubris..." (link)

Photo-blogging "reality" competition
It's not reality TV like the VH1 series "The Shot", but the judges are busy trying to decide which new photographers will join the Fine Arts Photoblog. The judges have a lot of hard work ahead of them, as there was a lot of interesting portfolios submitted.

Book Club: 25 under 25
Most of today's young people are busy ruining the world and undoing everything of value everyone before them has worked so hard to create ;-) Except for these 25 people under 25, tagged by the grown-ups as "promising", in volume II of the book "25 Under 25: Up-and-Coming American Photographers"


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