Thursday, June 5, 2008

Photography Soup (Thursday June 5, 2008)

Welcome to today's super-sized edition of the Photography Soup! We have a little bit of everything today! And better yet, super-sizing is FREE and calorie-free too!

Okay, this thing is so long, perhaps we need a table of contents. Click on a heading below to jump right at the start of that particular segment.

  1. Tip of the Lens Cap, Wag of the Monopod
  2. Around the Photo-blogo-sphere
  3. Song of the Day
  4. Inside the Insider
  5. Forum Digest Express
  6. Shopper's Corner
  7. Further Reading

Tip of the Lens Cap, Wag of the Monopod
Tip of the lens cap to Photography Blog for their brand new Olympus E420 review. The E420 is the third DSLR in the series of small and adorable Four Thirds DSLRs. As always we won't be revealing the outcome, but if you are in a hurry, jump to page #6 of the review for the conclusions.

Wag of the monopod at Sony for pushing the envelope on price fixing. They are putting the "S" in MSRP. Here's a thought Sony, add SD/SDHC to your digital cameras like Fuji did with their dual xD/SD drives, and you can increase your prices organically instead of meddling with the free market. Libertarians where are you to protect the market? :)

Tip of the lens cap to Photo Walk Pro for yet another successful photo walk. One of the extra benefits of photo walks is that they can help bridge the gap between photographers and the local photo-phobic communities.

Wag of the monopod at the wacky fan-addicts who were harassing the dpreview staff during a beta test of the dpreview forums search engine.

No piece of self-appointed authority punditry is complete without a caustic blame-torial, ten things that are ruining photography today.

If this segment sounds familiar, it is a spoofage (spoof+homage) of TCR.

Around the Photo-blogo-sphere
We now take a spin around the photo-blogo-sphere, starting with TWIP Photo sharing their first impressions of the Big Daddy of 35mm DSLRs, the Canon 1Ds Mark III, who found itself in the shadow of the buzzing Nikon duo of D3/D300.

Pixel peepers restart your engines! DIWA Labs have adjusted their ISO graphs. Read on for the pixel peeping details.

Lightning strikes! Thankfully David Ziser and his crew were not hurt. All the details at Digital Pro Talk.

Don't miss episode #136 of Photoshop User TV! The Photoshop Guys as always host this new 30-minute episode. You can watch it online or download it (150MB .mov) and watch it at your leisure later on.

The learning never stops with digital, and Pro Photo Life has a new episode of their on-going series of digital workflow tutorials.

Forget "Desperate Housewives" and "Bold and the Beautiful". There is a new soap opera that is sweeping the nation, the top seller digital camera charts. Did Nikon D300 go on a date with the Canon XSi 450D? Why is the SD-1100-IS wearing a pink dress? And why is the TZ5 feeling blue? Oh the drama ;-)

Song of the Day
Our Photography Soup song of the day comes from the early 80s, by the Bucks Fizz, "My camera never lies". I assume they didn't have Photoshop or a digital camera when they wrote that song. We couldn't afford to license the song, but a 30-second clip of the song is available via the Amazon flash widget below. Amazon sells the full DRM-free mp3 of this song for 99c.

Inside the Insider
Ricoh fans rejoice! John Mayer is making his Ricoh camera sing :) Remember, don't shoot and drive, unless you are a celebrity and can get away with it! Or not!

Forbes magazine picks ten cameras for sports scenes. The market has spoken!

A wedding photographer finds himself on the wrong side of judge, jury and executioner$. $100,000 on the wrong side! Ouch! What did he do wrong? Read on to find out!

What exactly is the Corbis Museum? The mystery is no more!

These and a whole lot more can be found at the Imaging Insider, your 18mm view of the world of photography and imaging.

Forum Digest Express
More discussion on the Sony price-fixing via the SURE program in the Sony DSLR Talk forum. What do the Sonoltans think?

ISO 1600. Canon 1D Mark III and Nikon D3. You know where this is heading. Comparison shots! Peep, peep!

But wait there's more! Leica 14-150 DC OS, Olympus 12-60 SWD, comparison shots!. Peep, peep! (that is the sound pixel-peepers make while pixel peeing).

Pentaxians discuss the after-effects of the official 17-70 DA f4 smc lens announcement.

Shopper's Corner
One of readers notified us of a new Olympus promotion, the E3 Premium Outfit, which includes the E3, the 12-60 SWD lens and the FL-50R flash for $2500. The three items individually sell for just under $2700 at Amazon right now.

The 2004 revised hardcover edition of Tom Ang's "Digital Photographer's Handbook" is on the bargains/clearance section at Borders Bookstores for the very tempting price of $6. Not bad for a heavy glossy book. A good gift for people who are new to digital photography but are not new to diving into new topics and absorbing as much as possible. 400 pages. There is a newer third edition at Amazon on paperback for $16. This particular 2004 hardcover edition is going for $30 at Amazon.

Further Reading
Extra credit! If you read through everything above, and you want more, here are some of the most recent posts here at 1001 Noisy


mrsfixit said...

Oh my, Photoshop User TV...

This site is new to me. :-)

I actually still use Jasc's Paint Sho Pro, as I find Photoshop a bit daunting.

But now with these "how to" videos, I might give it another go.

This place is just a wealth of great info! Thanks! ;-))

1001 noisy cameras said...

You are welcome Mrs Fix It! There are thousands and thousands of great sites on the net. It's impossible to find them all!

PSP continues to move along as well, although obviously not Photoshop, it packs some pixel-peeping power too :)

I agree, videos are a great way to deliver tutorials and tips online.